Facebook Advertising for Igbere TV

Portfolio Description

If you’re having problems adverting your business or products on Facebook or Instagram, then it is possible that you are not alone in this. Igbere TV is a foremost community TV in Nigeria reaching out from Igbere town, Imo State. This a case of emerging news media and Nigerian online publicity company that is looking for experienced digital marketing agency in Nigeria with specialization in social media ads management, especially Instagram and Facebook advertising.

Facebook Advertising for News MediaWhat is the challenge?

Igbere Tv needs a detailed social media advertising strategy that will enable the news agency drive more social traffic to their website (http://igberetvnews.com/). Since we understand Instagram and Facebook Advertising Policy and ad design guidelines very well, we used these social media advertising platforms to their advantage by setting-up the Facebook Ad manager, to avoid the problems relating to ad billing in Naira, account suspension due to policy violation and posts deactivation.


Facebook Advertising for Igbere TV


What we did

After a comprehensive web analysis and prior site performance review, we developed an effective advertisement strategy for the organisation and implement key metrics following company business objectives and sales plans. The average Instagram and Facebook Advertising reach for each campaign drives consistent social traffic to the official website from the first one month report to 6 months period as stipulated in the contract. Of which we were consistent with quality content creation, cost effective ads promotions, and measuring results until we see increased conversion rate and performance.


The Results

At the end of the first one month, Igbere Tv news gained thousands of website visitors that span across 21 African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa; who are interesting in their publication and product offers. But not only that, they were able to increase online conversion and sales revenue by 75% within the period under review. Which is primarily due to our improved online adverting techniques.

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