Social Media Campaign for Joseph Ayo Babalola University

Portfolio Description

It comes to no surprise that secondary schools, collages of education and universities are now investing in extensive online marketing campaigns in order to connect with their prospective students where they can be found. Doing so can be easier said than done, but few universities in Nigeria have hit a home run when it comes to identifying and solidifying their student recruitment and admission processes. This is how Joseph Ayo Babalola University increased admission into the 2017/2018 undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes by 100% by implementing social media campaign in their marketing strategy.


What the challenge?

The Joseph Ayo Babalola University is considered as one of the best private universities in Nigeria that can help candidates achieve their academic goals by giving them the opportunity to study any course or profession of their choice. Some of the Available Programmes offered by the University include Degree Courses, HND to B.Sc. Conversion Programme, Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) and Master of Science Degree. The school seeks an increased admission into its 2017/2018 undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. The University marketing consultant needed the work of an online marketing agency to help achieve 2,000 admission registrations with the calendar year.



What we did.

Finding the right candidates isn’t that easy. In this case, it’s all about generating brand awareness, designing and implementing online advertising and Social Media Campaign using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The main problem is that getting the right results takes good audience research and segmentations into age, location, and devices used. We developed a landing page for interested candidate to read more about the university and find out more on how they can apply for their selected courses.

Students were able to register online and/or contact the consultant for more information. We started the campaign with a well crafted ad copy targeting the Southwest Geopolitical Zone; particular Lagos, Ogun State, Ekiti, Ondo, etc. We choose Facebook and Instagram since these are the major platforms where the target audience hangs out always.


The result.

The posts were promoted at a considerable budget; with a target of 13,000 impressions per day. Upon realizing that 67% of college students were using Facebook and Instagram, we launched the campaign successful for two weeks. Joseph Ayo Babalola University increased admission into the 2017/2018 undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes by 67%. With a total of 3,214 new candidates admitted in 2018.

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