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E-Commerce Campaign

Date: Jan 19, 2019
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Most CEOs and business owners believe that Marketers should focus on those activities that increase their return on investment (ROI).

At its core, marketing is all about communicating with your customers in their own language, and on the platforms where they hang out.

“Honeystyle Store needed a unique digital marketing agency in Nigeria that can help with search engine optimization, SEO, E-commerce marketing and social media campaigns.”

“But with a deeper understanding of its target audience and an increase in the number of leads interested in their products to 5,000 per month.”


What we did

Inbound E-Commerce Campaign require a variety of tools. In this case, it’s all about generating revenue through website traffic, online advertising and social PR.

We started out with a structured company prioritized customer research and developed processes around each products, customer segments and workflows.

And had documentations on how to run online public relations, social media, and paid advertising campaigns for Honeystyle Store using a well crafted digital marketing strategy.

The average time it takes to see consistent organic traffic to the site from SEO was around 4 to 5 months. Of which we were consistent with quality content creation, competitive promotions, and measuring results until we start seeing ROI.


E-Commerce Campaign


The Results

In addition to creating a content marketing plan, Abbakin immediately took the task for Honeystyle Store and switch to work.

We also redesigned the website to ensure user and SEO friendliness, write product description copy for the client and optimize for sales.

Honeystyle Store monthly site traffic increased from 1300 to 6800.

The client saw a 77% increase in revenue year-over-year after Abbakin digital marketing team completely implemented the project campaigns.

See what the client said…


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