5 Benefits of Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses

5 Benefits of Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses

5 Benefits of Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses

Instagram has now become a social media platform where businesses are making their presence felt by marketing  their services. This is mainly because Instagram receives heavy traffic on a daily basis due to high engagement rates. As a result, many businesses see it as an opportunity to reach and attract a large number of users.

Statistically speaking, Earth Web reveals each month, there are 1.44 billion active users that are scrolling through the Instagram feed. Apart from that, Hootsuite reveals that 90% of users follow at least one business profile.

As these statistics show, Instagram has a lot of potential for businesses to make a huge impact in the online world. And the best part is that any sort of business can take advantage of Instagram marketing. As a result, many small businesses are also looking up to this platform for their marketing efforts.

If you are still in the thought process of whether to opt for Instagram marketing or not, we present you with some of the benefits of using it for your small business.


Advantages of Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses


#1. Direct sales can be facilitated through Instagram

Gone are the days when people used to view and share images on Instagram. Now, they are actively searching for their desired products. To substantiate, Omnicore states that 70% of online shoppers turn to Instagram in search of their desired products. Considering this figure, many businesses are now setting up virtual shops on Instagram.

As a result, many people are encouraged to shop directly through Instagram. With so many users and online shoppers on this platform, you can sell your products too. Having said that, you can sell those products that people are looking for. If they found your products to be reliable and useful, there are high chances that they might turn up to you in the future as well. Thus, you would be able to establish a loyal customer base for your business.

Therefore, you can directly sell your products on Instagram if you are opting for this platform to market your business.


#2. Helps you to target new customers

One of the key reasons to be on social media is to tap into new customers. Every business makes efforts to reach its target audience. That is done to fulfill the purpose of selling the products designed for them. That would only be possible by formulating various marketing strategies and later implementing them.

However, this whole process would require a lot of funds to support the marketing campaigns. As a result, many small businesses take a step back before they start with this process due to lack of funds. But Instagram can provide a long-term solution to this problem.

As discussed above, Instagram has this feature to target either a specific location or the overall region. These features can be used by you as well to reach out to your target audience. Moreover, it is a cost-effective option that will allow you to reach your intended audience.

As a result, your business would be able to reach its target audience. Also, you would be able to achieve SMART Goals set for business enterprise.


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#3. It establishes a healthy relationship with your customers

Many successful businesses are well known for their great product experience and excellent customer service. This tends to build a healthy relationship between the business enterprise and its customers. Whenever a customer faces any problem, he or she can directly walk up to them to get it resolved.

Now, this whole process takes place through the internet. Moreover, Instagram is one such platform where customers interact with businesses to get their problems solved. Apart from this, they tend to interact with new brands quite often to enquire about a new product.

Therefore, you can make use of your business Instagram account to develop a strong connection with your customers. As a result, they are most likely to refer your businesses to their peers


#4. Provides impactful messages through reels

One of the best features of Instagram has been Instagram reels. As per the current scenario, reels have taken the online world by storm as they receive high user engagement. Moreover, this feature can be quite effective for your businesses to attract and influence your target market.

To substantiate, Influencer Marketing Hub reveals that Instagram reels are 22% more engaging as compared to other Instagram videos. As reels have become a popular source for online users, you can use them to promote your business.

Apart from engaging the users, reels have the potential to reach out to a wider audience. As per Invideo, reels have the potential to reach more than 650 million users. Therefore this feature very well highlights why you should opt for Instagram marketing for your business enterprise.


#5. It makes people trust your brand

In this online world, users need to be assured whether a product or a service is genuine and trustworthy. Having a sense of trust safeguards online users from any sort of fraudulent practices against them.

Considering this scenario, it is vital for you to make sure that people trust your business. For that, Instagram can provide you with the feature of “blue tick”. This blue tick is a symbol of trust which is only given to selected business profiles if they get themselves verified. Once your business profile receives a blue tick along with its name, people will tend to believe your brand as credible and trustworthy.

Therefore, your Instagram business profile will allow your brand to have authority in the market. As a result, it creates trust among online users.


Summing Up: 5 Benefits of Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses

To sum up, Instagram has been flooded with a huge number of online users. With time, it has become a place where businesses are able to reach their target audience. For small businesses as well, it has the same potential and can do wonders for them in the long run. The above-mentioned benefits of Instagram marketing very well highlight its scope for small business owners. As a result, These benefits can very well help them to expand their business and reach new customers.


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    Instagram is a very good marketing platform in Nigeria today, You can start a business at no cost by using instagram platform

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