How to Become Airtel, MTN and 9Mobile Agent in Nigeria

How to Become Airtel, MTN and 9Mobile Agent in Nigeria

How to Become Airtel, MTN and 9Mobile Agent in Nigeria

If you want to venture into the mobile and telecommunication industry in Nigeria, this post is an ideal brief information on how to become Airtel, MTN and 9Mobile Agent in Nigeria. Many social entrepreneurs and young startups usually find it difficult to start simple franchising or agency businesses on their own. This may be as a result of the initial financial requirement to start a business in Nigeria or the fact that they believe that they are actually working for some other people’s business enterprise in order to earn commissions.

Nevertheless, this article will help you understand the ways and how you can start an agent business with the top Nigerian telecommunication operations such as Airtel, MTN, 9Mobile and Globacom Nigeria.  But before you jump over these partnership business opportunities, its good also understand how to start online business in Nigeria and make more out of it.

If you plan to sell your products, ideas or services online, we can help you create a responsive web design; use social media marketing, professional business branding and SEO strategies to grow your ecommerce business. With this, you can make money online, even while doing your full time jobs. Irrespective of your intended business with these mobile operators, here is how you can choose the best business opportunity to start.


 How to Become Airtel, MTN and 9Mobile Agent in Nigeria

#1. How to Become Airtel Nigeria Agent:

Airtel Africa is a subsidiary of Indian Telecommunications Company. Airtel came into existence on the 7 of July, 1995 with its Head office in New Delhi, India. It is a network that operates in 17 countries across Africa. Airtel operates a GSM network in all countries, providing 2G, 3G or 4G services; depending upon the country of operation.

Airtel Nigeria, formerly known as Celtel Nigeria, was established in 2000, by a group of institutional and private sector investors as well as three Nigerian’s state governments. It made history on August 5, 2001 by becoming the first telecoms operator in Nigeria to launch commercial GSM services. Airtel provides mobile marketing and network connection for Communication and Research Ideas; with Voice to Voice Communicating System that offers lot of Bundle for its users like in areas of: Phone Calls and Data services.

Call and data are the most benefit known in its financial consumption but with its new offer for Valid and trusted Customers. Airtel now offer collaborative recruiting opportunities to eradicate joblessness by introducing Airtel Money and other services. Airtel Money is a mobile money transfer service that runs in several African countries like Kenya, Nigerian, Sierre Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, etc.

Like in many other countries mentioned above, Airtel is the Third largest mobile phone company in Nigeria. It has a total client base of over 6 million and growing. If you are interested, this growing number presents a good business proposition in being Airtel Money Agent.

Integrating Airtel money agent in your existing business will earn you extra income. Not only will it help you earn extra income in terms of commissions but becoming a mobile money agent in Nigeria can also increase foot traffic to your shop location; and ultimately increase your sales. So, if you have been entertaining the thought of being an Airtel money agent then this is the time to do so.

Here is the procedures on how to become an Airtel Money Agent and sell some of their telecomm products. If you have these documents ready; then you have a number of ways to initiate the registration process. You can visit the Airtel website for more information, speak with their customer agent or visit the nearest Airtel Service Center.

 Requirements to Become Airtel Agent:

  • One properly completed Airtel Money Agent Application form
  • A copy of your Business Registration certificate
  • A copy of your PIN Certificate
  • A photocopy of the means of ID of the business owner
  • At least one shop outlet, kiosk or office location to start your business.
  • Two Passport photograph of the business owner, etc.


#2. How to Become MTN Mobile Banking Agent:

MTN is the largest telecom operator in Nigeria in view of its huge subscribers’ base. With this reality comes the opportunity to benefit from its variety of best provider services through partnerships. MTN gives you the needed education to help you market its products and services to target consumers. To sign up as an alternate associate, the bet route to take is to walk into any of MTN workplace nearest to you and make inquiries on MTN’s various offerings and investment opportunities; such as bulk SMS marketing or selling of MTN recharge cards in bulk.

A particular guiding principle is to be aware that for every of these telecom service companies, there are a set of guidelines governing their partnership agreements. These may additionally be comparable or totally specific to a company. Full compliance to their phrases of enterprise is a simple requirement as failure to accomplish that may also result in sanctions which may additionally encompass revocation of partnership rights.

Kindly visit the MTN official website for more information about available business SMEs packages, or visit the nearest MTN Service Center.


#3. How to Become a 9Mobile Agent in Nigeria:

As you may have realized, the defunct Etisalat Nigeria gave birth to 9Mobile which provides blaze super-fast internet data plans and GSM voice communication services in Nigeria. The process for becoming a 9Mobile agent is similar as that of Airtel Nigeria. It all begins with the interest. You can absolutely go to its official website or visit any of its customer centers across Nigeria.

9Mobile welcomes partnerships with men and women interested in selling its emblem and services. Because it has numerous customers across the length and breadth of the nation, 9Mobile offers the correct opportunity with the intention to make a few profits. Its consumer care center can offer you the most needed guidance on a way to start your corporate partnership with them.

It additionally, this may involve training and visitation to your business outlet with the intention to genuinely brand your shop with the 9Mobile branded materials for clean identity.


#4. How to Become Glo Mobile Money Agent:

Globacom Limited (GLO) is a privately owned Nigerian multinational telecommunication company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. GLO started operations on 29 August 2003. It currently operates in four countries in West Africa, namely Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

It is very simple to become a Globacom Mobile Money Agent. What you need today is to simply register on their website for the serve you intend to subscribe to and market on their behalf. You will be asked to fill out the pre-qualification form and to submit it.  To start a call center business with GLO, what you need is only Glo SIM and a smartphone.

Their commissions are excellent, and their businesses are easy to set-up; provided you have a service or business center where you site the business and start marketing all the supported features.



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