How to Promote your Restaurant Business Online

How to Promote my Restaurant Business Online

How to Promote your Restaurant Business Online

You are a restaurateur, you love what you do, but your business is not bringing in enough income, it doesn’t have enough publicity. You keep asking yourself, “How to Promote my Restaurant Business Online?”. Don’t over-worry, because, you will be assisted with that in this article.

First, you must acknowledge that promoting your business online is more important than promoting it physically. Let’s take you through a statistical analysis.

When buying food online, 34% of customers spend at least $50 every purchase. When compared to a traditional dine-in experience, 20% of consumers claim they spend more on off-premise orders. Since 2021, digital ordering and delivery have risen at a 300% quicker rate than dine-in traffic.

With the above in mind, you could have seen that promoting your business online should be a factor that must be considered.

So you’ve checked off all of the boxes on the checklist for opening a successful restaurant. You’ve discovered the ideal location, created a delectable menu, obtained government permits through government agencies that support smes in Nigeria, and located suppliers.

You have also received your business permit and the only remaining concern is how you will promote your eatery.


How to Promote my Restaurant Business Online

Below are the ways you can start promoting your restaurant business online;


Step 1: Get your own website to begin

Having and maintaining own website provides you the power to manage the content. Get a domain name and host your site through website hosting. Your website is your opportunity to show off your company’s personality.\

Below are the information your website should contain;

  • An attractive Online Menu that goes with your restaurant theme
  • Order Online feature for customers to browse through and pay for online orders
  • Sign-up box for an email subscription (to promote promotions)
  • Social Media links that redirect to your social media pages
  • Rewards and gift card section – Loyalty Program
  • About us for a story on how you started
  • Contact information
  • Location
  • Careers
  • Reviews & Gallery


Note: Do not forget to check your site for mobile responsiveness. About 52.2 percent of the total website traffic in 2018 was through mobile browsing.

You can read on mobile friendly website designing if you need to create a website.


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Step 2: The presence on social media

Create a strong presence on social media. Gone are the days when you couldn’t find someone you were looking for on Facebook. Every single person in the country uses social media and is quite engaged on it.

‘Food porn is a living thing,’ There are a million hashtags relating to food on Instagram. The best way to promote your restaurant online is to post high-quality, mouth-watering food photos.

You can also hire a photographer to take high-quality photos of your menu and start posting them on social media. It’s important for eager eyes.


Read: social media marketing services.


Step 3: Determine who your target audience is

‘It doesn’t stop with hosting your website; you also need people to visit it.’

Digital marketing ideas can help you increase visitors to your website.

First and foremost, identify your target market and study your ideal consumer profile. You may design the best strategy to contact your target audience once you’ve discovered who they are.

In addition, you may target your audience via social media  based on demographics and interests.

For example, on Facebook, you can run promotional advertising to persons that fit your target audience profile.

Also, you can narrow down the audience based on their location and demographics. Running online advertising agency in nigeria without a specific target audience will quickly deplete your promotional budget and yield poor results.


Step 4: Retargeting and remarketing

You have complete power over your data, so use it wisely. Make a collection of your consumer information and then start distributing promotional content via various platforms. You can even further categorize the list and send out different promotional offers to different groups.

Also, send out updates on new menu additions, stellar staff, discounts and offers, and industry trends via e-mails and WhatsApp. Customers that are engaged remain loyal for a long time.


Step 5: Experiment Offline

Use receipts, tents, and carryout containers to advertise in-house. Make sure to print enough menus and distribute them across the neighborhood.

In addition, customers should be given extra menu lists to take home. Also, your menu should be displayed in the windows.

When clients come into your restaurant, teach your personnel how to upsell to them.

Furthermore, participate in food festivals to attract local clients, and launch a food truck to reach out to customers who might not otherwise come in contact with your business.


Step 6: Create a google business profile

Local regional demand is good for restaurant enterprises. When a customer searches for your restaurant on Google, the business information appears in the sidebar.

However, the majority of this information is extracted from your Google+ account. Having one is a great benefit because it will help your business appear naturally in a search.

In addition, you can also learn to outrank competitors on google.

This is one important aspect in your quest to find answers to your “How can I Start Promoting my Restaurant Business Online?” question.


Step 7: Collaborate with a delivery company

Customers today expect convenience at the touch of a button. They want to be able to order food from nearby restaurants and have it delivered. Join forces with a local delivery service.


Step 8: Collaborate with local vendors

Start building a cross-branding relationship with your local supplier. It will be beneficial to both parties. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.


Step 9: Make use of local authors and bloggers

The term “influencer-marketing” is all the rage these days. Use them to promote your restaurant brand, invite them to your restaurant to garner reviews.

Also, publish the event in social media to attract the customers in the local vicinity.


Step 10: Referrals and Loyalty points

The most popular and efficient loyalty program is the points-based reward system. Define reward points for each dollar spent by your customer and come up with exciting reward offerings, like freebies and goodies.

Further, start a referral program and encourage evangelists for your brand. The referral program is very successful as people always go in for recommendations.


Step 11: Offers and discounts

Almost every one of your competitors is going to use this strategy. You can’t, however, ignore them. Offer discounts on the specialty menu and during the business’s dry hours.

You can also use local e-commerce sites like Groupon and tiny to spread discount codes and attract new customers.


Wrapping up: How to Promote my Restaurant Business Online?

Now, your “How to Promote my Restaurant Business Online?” question has been answered.

Hopefully, these suggestions will assist you in promoting your restaurant and bringing more customers to your door. So start heating up your stove and plating those delicacies!


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By: Victor Adewuyi

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