How to Outrank Your Competitors on Google

How to Outrank Your Competitors on Google

How to Outrank Your Competitors on Google

Today, a lot of people are competing for the highest spots in Google’s ranking positions. Hence, knowing how to outrank your competitors on Google and other major search engines like Bing, Yahoo Search, Ask and AOL can help your business get closer to local customers. Although, ranking a site for specific keywords on top high search engines can be a bit tasking; especially when you are competing against big names and companies who have been there long before your arrival.

Why we choose Google Search Engine? People use search engines when looking for research topics, recipes, shopping items, education materials, latest news or entertainments videos. Today, most internet users don’t have to think about choosing a search engine when likening for these topics, items or products online; they simply “Google it.” Google is the world most popular search engine that uses web applications like “web crawlers or bots” to explore the entire World Wide Web on a regular basis in order to find, index and organize similar sites, most useful information and relevant services that are served to customers.

If you want to rank higher than your competitors, then it will interest you to know that having a successful online presence starts with best website development. A well-designed website with great coding and SEO practices will position your web products or services in such a way that potential customers would see them as first picks. And hiring a competent website SEO professional can help this happen faster; they achieve this by adding Google Ranking Factors to your website design template.

As a startup business or established firm, effective search engine optimization strategy is important when it comes to growing your online business. Do you know that majority of online users on search engine do not click past the first page results? Yes! Only about 30% of searchers would click past the first page of Google search results. This means that if your website does not appear on the first page of Google, then you will be losing potential clients and sales to your competitors.

Therefore with so many web pages and contents on search engine result pages (SERPs) nowadays, it can be so challenging for small businesses to compete with big brands or companies. But fortunately, our affordable SEO packages let you reach the rightful audience that is more likely to visit your website and do business with you by focusing on your specific customer search queries. Since your real competitors are location based, below are important tips on how to rank above these competitors who are currently dominating search engines within your industry and geographical locations.


5 Tips on How to Outrank Your Competitors on Google

1. Search and List out your Major Competitors

Before you start implementing search engine optimization (SEO) on your business website, you need to carry out a comprehensive market research to enable you find and list out your top 10-20 competitors first. You will need to choose them correctly and carefully too. These top competitors are those companies and brands who are getting most traffics, clients, sales and monies in your business niche or jurisdictions.

Outranking your market competitors isn’t an easy task, especially if your business is operating in an already saturated industry. If you relent in using organic SEO techniques and Google Adword; or you don’t know how to go about these thing; you need to choose the best SEO Agency in Lagos Nigeria that can rank any website on top Google page #1 across worldwide. We have the team, the tools and expertise to help you identify your true competitors, outrank them without wasting your time and limited financial resources.

When you check who ranks highest for your target keywords, don’t be in a hurry to add every website on Page 1 in your competitors list, some are PR companies and websites who are not your direct competitors. There are other criteria that cannot be exposed through a manual search for one or two keywords. With advance analytical tools, you can go through all the high-ranking sites to find the ones that really stand in the way of your progress. They share similar audience as your website and finding them is really a lot of work. Such tasks are best left to automated tools designed specifically for competitive SEO research and analysis tools.


2. Conduct Specific Buyer Keyword Research

Your target buyer keywords are those words that interested buyers enter into their search bars while looking for your kind of products or business online. Most times, people will enter specific key phrases that competitors are already using in your industry. Google’s bots usually scan through website words to find keywords that are most relevant to the subject that searchers are looking for. It however directs those online shoppers to the most suitable, and engaging websites.

Thus, it’s very important to provide the most relevant products or services descriptions and keep this information simple and short. If you are targeting a particular location or city, the first thing you need to do when it comes to effective competitor keyword research is to conduct local SEO research. Your local SEO research journey should focus on industry keywords and topics relevant to your business. Again, “Service in location” is one of the keyword formats your business should aim at. Service in location keywords are a combination of all the services a company offers and the locations they serve.

The best buyers’ keywords define real-life elements such as brand names, products, locations and concepts. You can look for possible keywords to target by checking out’ service in location’, Google auto-complete or related searches; expanding your area range (like from neighborhood to city), and looking at what your competitors are doing right. The goal is to identify your core terms, keyword modifiers, and location specific phrases. You can utilize keyword research tools like Ahref and SEMrush to help you validate and confirm if your chosen keywords are right for your business.


3. List your Business on Google My Business Place

Are you are planning to rank high on Google?  Google My Business is very important to your business profile online. It is a Business Place that allows Google to add rich information to your company profile whenever it comes up in the local map finder. The local map pack also contains details like business description and customer reviews, which also contributes to your company’s online reputation.

Creating and optimizing your Google my business listing will help you rank above your competitors on Google if you do this very well. One of the keys to a high-performing local SEO campaign is the presence of an optimized Google My Business account and profile. Most of your competitors are using this strategy if you check very well.

Google will rank businesses that are easily verified in its ecosystem, which is why Google My Business is such an important aspect of boosting local SEO presence. Make sure you encourage happy customers to share their reviews online and be sure to update your business information on this site. With a listing on Google My Business and other Local Business Directories that are up-to-date and optimized, you can increase your chances of ranking high above your direct competitors.


4. Write Quality Content for Your Business and Industry

Search engine algorithms, web crawlers and consumers love quality content that is devoid of keyword stuffing. It lets your community find you with local SEO campaigns. Creating a business blog is a good way to maintain a chronicle of ongoing information or company news for your potential readers and viewers. A company blog can feature events, commentaries and provide links to important sites you affiliated to via articles located on these websites. This can be any range of helpful content that has an endless amount of creativity.

If you are looking for the opportunities to stand out above your competitors on Google, it’s important that you have a content marketing strategy that gives you the ability to create and curate quality blog contents that can bring the right people to your corporate or ecommerce website. Be sure to write at least one or two blogs a week or a month to maintain relevancy and keep your visitors returning. Remember to integrate best on-page SEO and link build strategies while creating your information structure.

Also, effective online marketing is not all about you; it’s also about the content that others write about you. And building links is more about building connections with relevant influential websites and social media networks. Having a robust social media presence and content delivery strategy can helps your brand recognition and can cultivate effective relationships that drive millions of traffic to your site and generate quality back-links.


5. Competitive Monitoring and Performance Reporting

Frequent performance reports are essential in SEO competitive analysis and ranking. A good search engine optimization strategy is based on careful planning, bit of hard work, good budget and good choices made on other key issues. At the end of each month, it’s a good idea to analyze what you did well or wrong. These reports will be a key indicator of your SEO performance.

Monthly reports mirror your efforts and look at where you are in the search engine result pages as compare to your competitors. Remember to include the current ranking position, linking, domain authority and traffic analytics data. Integrating these insights into your workflow will offers better information based on your marketing efforts. Also, make sure you maintain consistency throughout your report.

Creating professional looking reports will offer clearer guidance and a more pleasant experience for your managers and supervisors who are interested in the business SEO performance. It’s important to know at this juncture that your Google rankings will fluctuate up and down throughout the months under review; but as long as you are gaining ranks overtime, that is a helpful insight that your legitimate SEO efforts are working.


Wrapping up: How to Outrank Your Competitors on Google

It is easy to know how to outrank your competitors on Google. Although, this can be a little bit tasking, time consuming and even resources when you are trying to compete against big brands.

If you are a business owner or company in Nigeria, the fact is that rankings for your target keywords matter a lot. You can follow these easy steps on how to outrank your competitors on Google SERPs or hire us to do the job for you.

Our SEO processes guarantee that if you follow these steps, you will rank better than your competitors for any given keyword or industry. We know how to fix website technical SEO issues preventing your rankings.


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