5 Qualities That Make an Excellent Project Manager

5 Qualities That Make an Excellent Project Manager

5 Qualities That Make an Excellent Project Manager

If we go a decade back, in comparison to what you witness today, you must have observed that businesses were primarily running offline. The competition was not as much as you witness nowadays. The main reason for going by today’s scenario is the emergence of dramatic changes in the business environment. As a Excellent Project Manager, there are complexities involved in terms of in-house and remote business structures that need better understanding.

For instance, you must have noticed that online business trends have taken the front seat. During the pandemic, E-business has emerged as the most effective way to take the business ahead. Now, the most important task to make these changes in business trends a success lies on the shoulders of project managers. You as a project manager have to adapt to the various changes.

Moving ahead, if you observe the present scenario, the quality requirements of the project manager are different from previous years. As a project manager, a lot is expected of you in the present-day corporate world. To explain a bit more, a major switch from offline to online or virtual business, you have to adapt to digitalization and learn the skill of remote team management. In fact, you need to keep raising the bar on a daily basis.

But what are the project management skills that matter the most in contemporary times? What are the qualities that make project managers exceptional? Let’s find out in this blog.


5 Key Skills to Master as a Project Manager

If you are a project manager, for the smooth delivery of the project, get the following key qualities in your pocket to become a successful project manager:


#1. Clarity of Thoughts and Communication

A strong trait that distinguishes project managers from others in the organization is the quality of communication. The communication with the team sitting in the company or remotely. Along with this, the clear display of your thoughts in front of your team is equally important. How will it impact the team and the management?

Since communication is the key to getting the project done in the most effective way, it is your responsibility to clearly communicate project requirements, responsibilities, goals, performance, management expectations, and feedback. This will impact accomplishing the guaranteed success of the venture. Therefore, verbal influence is a key skill that you actually need to acquire as a Project Manager.


#2. Adaptability to the Change

What makes project managers stand out from the league is the way of handle project issues and look for alternatives to make it a success. If we practically think about the proper working of the organization in the present times, business requirements are changing at quite a fast pace

When it comes to adapting to the transformations, as a project manager you need to lead the way. The question is, how can one change and accept it? You actually have to analyze things that should lead to a successful project. Here, the reflection models step into the game.

The execution of your past experience in your present project issues can assist you in resolving future problems as well. Since there are different reflection models, you need to choose the best possible reflection model while adapting to the dynamic changes in the business environment.

Not only this, you have to adapt with your team whether they are working in-house or remotely. If we talk about the present scenario, we notice an increase in the rate of the remote work environment. There are numerous changes that a good project manager has to adapt to. The impact of adaptability to the changes improves team management skills and further assists in providing a clear vision of the objectives of the venture.


#3. Risk Mitigation Planning

An experienced yet excellent project manager has an effective strategy to mitigate the risk factors that might lead to increased potential costs in the project. Keeping this in mind, how to identify risks and execute a mitigation plan?

If you are a newbie in this field, you can initiate by asking your team about the potential problems that may arise while executing the project. To explain, taking the views of the teammates on the macro level can assist you in finding clues that you had overlooked before.

If we talk about a mature project manager, there should be a risk mitigation plan as a part of a routine task while executing a big project to meet the cost and reduce the risk factors.

In actuality, this is the best skill you as a project manager should attain. This will ensure that your actions toward the project execution are proactive i.e. they are preplanned before the occurrence of the event and not reactive in nature.


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#4. Critical Thinker

You see, the survival of a business depends on critical thinking ability. For example, traditional ways of working in a company are no more entertained. Businesses are working from across the globe, employees are hired remotely. This hybrid working style needs project managers that should have the ability to think outside of the box.

To master survival and success in this competitive world, taking a diversion when required is a skill.

However, it is not necessary to stick to the rules. There is no wrong in keeping the strategy the same for the same set of problems. But, when you really think that you are now running on autopilot mode, then it is high time to make a new strategy and handle that problem with a different yet effective approach.

Now, as a project manager, you need an active and problem-solving mind. This will impact your ability in evaluating, brainstorming, and not working harder but in a smarter way too.


#5. Virtual Project Management

Last but not least, having the skill of virtual project management is very essential. It is important to polish this skill to establish a better link between the employees sitting far and near. Growing with the need for digitization, you as a project manager have to upgrade your digital marketing skills. Contribute this skill to interact with teammates working remotely.

I know it is challenging as the team is distributed into different time zones. Not having any physical contact and explaining the project further leading to making sure it stays on schedule and tracking their work is a challenging task. What you need to understand now is to realize that virtual team management will not go out of fashion  soon.

Hence, you have to change your outlook on the digital aspect. Work on the virtual project management tools that will significantly assist in benefiting your project team as well as the business as a whole. Remember, the corporate world is heading for some major transitions and you need to transform parallel to that.


Wrapping Up: 5 Qualities That Make an Excellent Project Manager

In conclusion, you need to ensure all the above valuable qualities should be there for the proper execution of the project. It should be completed on time, under the expected budget, and with the proper team management. The challenges are different and so are the skill and quality requirements of an excellent project manager.

Having said that, you need to invest in your skills on a daily basis and evolve your professional capabilities. I am sure these skills will help you boost your confidence to carry forward the venture to new heights and become an excellent project manager.


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    Wow, what a wonderful article. I have personally learnt a lot. thank you for specifically mentioning the virtual management skill because I have found it to be very useful and I cannot wait to start applying it and of course the rest of the skills as I proudly step into my new role.

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    Very insightful article, thanks for sharing

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