Basic Computer Training Course for Beginners & Managers

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Basic Computer Training Course for Beginners & Managers

If you are looking for basic computer training course to start and upgrade your computer and communication skills in today’s technology oriented workplace, then we are glad to introduce Abbakin Computer Academy Courses that can formulate your future career.

We teach computer skills that are prized by employers in a way to measure employee’s skills, as well as to guarantee credibility that they can perform their jobs successfully.

Since, companies are demanding for IT professionals to provide the highest standard of performance for their customers, shareholders and partners.

These basic computer skills training will let you gain an understanding of the most essential computer technologies you need in today’s business environment and office space.

This course provides entry level IT skills and certification training for personal computer (PC) appreciation and applications.

It covers everything like 

  • Microsoft Office
  • Spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Access
  • Small Businesses Accounting (QuickBooks)
  • Basic Writing Skills and Emails
  • Basic Web and Social Skills
  • Job Employability Skills

What to Expect: Basic Computer Training Course

At the end of this course, students will get basic knowledge from computer science, to computer parts and peripherals (USB Devices, Printers, Scanners, Photocopy, etc); understand data processing, basic computing,  navigate the operating system and start applications.

Perform basic functions of file management (folding, converting, downloading etc.); including basic functions in a word processor and spreadsheet, windows and accessories (Paint, Notepad, Cal., etc).

Get started with Microsoft computer office suits, basic typewriting practices; manage print settings and print documents. Learn how to browse the Internet, emailing, and online registrations, chatting & keyword searching, and more.

If you need to acquire a specific new skillset, there are many other courses you can take to upgrade your skills. Virtually all workers have some familiarity with Microsoft Word, spreadsheet programs, dynamic presentations skills, organize and manipulate data through programs like Microsoft Access, etc.

Many small businesses (and some larger ones) use QuickBooks for accounting, payroll, invoicing, reporting and more. If you’re working in an accounting or administrative role, a working knowledge of QuickBooks or simple bookkeeping skill is definitely an asset.

Most organizations are looking to enhance their footprint on the web and within social media networks. Workers who can maintain websites using tools like content management systems, HTML, WordPress and Java are very attractive to employers.

Candidates who understand how to leverage social media to convey messages about their organization are in high demand. A knowledge of Photoshop and graphics programs like Corel Draw and Illustrator enable employees to optimize the look and feel of websites and other communications.

Corporate communication and good writing skills are also important for many different jobs; and we are ready to get you ready if that is what you want to secure that dream job.

Basic Computer Training Course

About the Abbakin Computer Training Center

IT certification offers a career differentiator, enhanced credibility and marketability. Abbakin Computer Training Academy provides the most certification choice in IT course available for those seeking industry-standard accreditation.

Abbakin provides Career Development Programs, Business Training and I.T. Professional Certificate Courses you can start online, at the comfort of your office, or attend classes at our learning center in Ikotun Lagos.

This interactive learning path is mapped closely to your success through a series of online based, hand-on practical and Lab training lessons that take you from beginner to working professional within 3-6 months period.

Our Courses are accredited by the international body of knowledge and are taught by fully qualified Instructors. You will graduate and receive a 100% training certification from Abbakin and/or its IT Certification Partners like Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

If you hava questions regarding this course, or you want to download a PDF copy of your specific course eBook, kindly get in touch here.

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Comments (3)

  • Gezehagn Bufebo Reply

    it is special chance for developing computerized mind in Ethiopia so continue teaching &learning process by online ways because of all Ethiopians participate by online teaching learning way

    May 4, 2019 at 1:04 pm
  • Louise Purkins Reply

    I am a qualified Teacher but not confident with my computer skills and need some support. Please can you advise me of a suitable course.

    June 4, 2020 at 11:50 am
    • Abbakin Reply

      Thank Purkins. If you have your own computer system, you can start online lessons with us.

      June 4, 2020 at 3:24 pm

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