Basic Computer Training Course for Beginners and Managers

Basic Computer Training Course

Basic Computer Training Course for Beginners and Managers

If you are looking for free basic computer training course to start and upgrade your computer skills, this basic computer skills training will let you gain an understanding of the most essential computer technologies used in today’s business environment and in the workplace.

Companies are demanding for IT professionals as a way to measure employee’s skills as well as to guarantee that they can perform their jobs successfully.  Employers demand qualified information technology staff to provide the highest standard of performance for their customers, shareholders and partners.

This course provides entry level IT skills and certification training for personal computer (PC) appreciation and applications.



What to Expect

At the end of this course, students will get basic knowledge from computer science, to computer parts and peripherals (USB Devices, Printers, Scanners, etc); appropriately start up and shut down the computers, navigate the operating system and start applications.

Perform basic functions of file management (folding, converting, downloading etc.); including basic functions in a word processor and spreadsheet, windows and accessories (Paint, Notepad, Cal., etc).

Introduction to Microsoft computer office suits, basic typewriting practices; manage print settings and print documents. Learn to browse the Internet, emailing, and online registrations, chatting & web searching, and more.



About the Basic Computer Training Course

IT certification offers a career differentiator, enhanced credibility and marketability. Abbakin is a Computer Training Institute that provides the most certification choice in IT training available for those seeking industry-standard accreditation.

This interactive learning path is mapped closely to your success through a series of online based, hand-on practical and Lab training lessons that take you from beginner to working professional in 3-6 months period.

Our Courses are accredited by the international body of knowledge and are taught by fully qualified Instructors. You will graduate and receive a 100% training certification from Abbakin and/or its IT Certification Partners like Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

If you’re having questions regarding this course, kindly get in touch here.



Course Preview

There are total of 8 lessons that may last up to 45 minutes or less.

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