5 Ways Employers can be Employee-Centric in 2022

5 Ways in which Employers can be Employee-Centric in 2022

5 Ways Employers can be Employee-Centric in 2022

As per the prevalent corporate world, people are looking to work with those organizations who will assure them career stability. Apart from this aspect, people are now prioritizing how an organization treats its employees. In the article, you will the ways employers can be employee-centric in 2022. They would like to be a part of a supportive and positive work environment where they can work and thrive without any disruptions.

Deloitte reveals that more than 85% of employees feel that having a positive and open culture is the key to business success. That’s because having a positive working environment will automatically inspire and motivate the employees to achieve the set benchmarks. Furthermore, Oxford University states that happy and satisfied employees are 13% more productive as compared to unhappy employees.

Considering these trends, employers have also realized how important it is for them to make sure the workforce is comfortable with the organization’s framework. This explains why modern organizations have the tendency to be more employee-centric than ever before. Employers want to understand better what employees anticipate and deliver to them. They now see employee experiences as being critical to employee engagement, employee retention, and productivity.

As a business leader, if you are still ignoring the business benefits of investing in your employees, you are certainly missing the trick. It is eventually your employees who will give your business the competitive advantage it needs to thrive in a competitive business environment. Before we move to the strategies for building an employee-centric culture, let us delve deep to understand what it actually means.


What does the employee-centric approach imply?

This approach implies how an organization can enhance its working environment that better suit the needs of its workforce. Organizations that have adopted this approach have created an open culture where employee ideas are encouraged. Their individual working styles and valuable suggestions are also acknowledged by the top management of the organization.

These factors have a direct impact on employees’ productivity and engagement. Moreover, they would feel a strong sense of connection with their team members and seniors. Therefore, adopting an employee-centric approach is a must for you for the better functioning of the whole organization.

The subsequent strategies shed light on the ways in which employers can foster an employee-oriented workplace to drive greater productivity.


5 Ways for Employers to be more Employee-Centric


#1. Create an environment of mutual benefit

Every organization wants to evolve with the changing time to keep up with the latest trends and practices. This is how organizational growth is ensured in the longer run. Similarly, it is also essential that employees should also grow with the changing business environment. This can only be made possible if both the employees and the organization are growing together.

As you know, the business environment is dynamic in nature and it presents quite challenging situations. To overcome such situations, the employees should be well trained and equipped. For that to happen, training and development plans need to be incorporated to upgrade the skill set of the workforce. This skill set would be inclusive of both soft skills and hard skills.

If the organizations are investing time and money to enhance the skill set of employees, it leads to their personal development. Clear Company states that more than 60% of employees believe that training and development is one of the most important organizational policies.

As training helps employees to enhance their job performance, they would like to advance further in their careers. Advancing further symbolizes that employee growth is also ensured along with the organization. As a result, it will benefit the workforce and the organization as well.

That’s how you can create a mutually beneficial work environment so that your employees could also be satisfied with better growth prospects.


#2. Look after employees mental and physical well-being

Another important factor for the smooth functioning of the organization is the workforce’s mental and physical well-being. Now, imagine a situation where one of your key members falls sick or is stressed out due to any of the reasons, which makes him take a leave for at least 2 days. As a result, your workflow is disrupted and you would be stuck with absenteeism costs for that employee. Further employee absenteeism due to health issues can lead to serious consequences for the organization.

To ensure that your workforce remains fit, you would need to organize various health awareness sessions. This way you can highlight why it is important to stay healthy, both mentally and physically. Zippia reveals that 52% of the US organizations are offering employees wellness programs.

Moreover, Forbes reveals that 61% of employees have chosen a healthy way of living after attending a wellness program at their respective organizations. As a result, it has significantly reduced absenteeism approximately by 14-19%. As the stats speak for themselves, it becomes much more clear why organizations should look after employees’ mental and physical well-being.

The bottom line is that for your workforce to be at its best productivity, their wellness needs to be at its best too. Can employees deliver exceptionally well when they are experiencing burnout or massive stress? Well, you already know the answer!


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#3. Redress employee concerns

There might be some instances when your employees might feel dissatisfied with any of the organizational policies and practices. This can negatively impact your workforce morale and it might lead to higher attrition rates.

To counter this situation, you would need to create a quick and effective employee redressal mechanism within your organization. This way, it can be ensured that the employee concerns are being heard and acknowledged by the top management. Once they are acknowledged, various steps should be taken to eliminate any such practices that can negatively impact the employee’s morale. In case employees report any ethical issues, you need to initiate immediate redressal actions.

This way your employees could feel much more comfortable and safer while working with you. Even if in the future, they find anything disturbing, they can walk up to you without any hesitation. As a result, a healthy environment can be created that will eventually keep your employees to stay in your organization for a longer duration. Thus, this can be one of the best tactics for employee engagement.

Therefore, it’s a must for you to address and resolve the employee’s concerns in a timely manner.


#4. Maintain healthy relationships with the workforce

Employees are the building blocks of an organization that makes them work together in harmony to achieve the common objective. For maintaining this harmony, it becomes necessary to build cordial and healthy relationships with your workforce. For that to happen you can interact with your employees at least once a week to reduce the communication gap.

Also, there would be times that your employees have worked so well together to accomplish a certain goal. You can appreciate the work done by the employees either by rewarding them or giving them some additional benefits.

This way, you can establish a harmonious relationship with your employees. This will also keep them motivated to perform with their 100% effort while doing a certain task,


#5. Promote work-life balance

Every employee would enjoy working with a company that makes them give equal weightage to both their personal life and work. According to Statista, more than 70% of people who are looking for a job always prioritize work-life balance.

It is quite essential for your employees to have this balance as it allows them to perform their tasks within the allotted time frame. Moreover, it also provides them time to sit back and relax so that they return to their work with more energy.

Apollo Technical states that 77% of the American workforce has experienced burnout due to the immense pressure of work. Burnout among employees can negatively affect their productivity at work.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that your employees are having a balance between their professional and personal life. For that, you can encourage a flexible working environment so that your employees can work at their convenience. Also, you can keep a note of the workload on your employees and take certain steps to reduce it. This will significantly contribute in helping them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Summing Up: 5 Ways in which Employers can be Employee-Centric in 2022

To conclude, the employee-centric approach is one of the major aspects of today’s contemporary world. The above-mentioned tactics will provide you with a bigger picture of how to go about it. These tactics can help you to make the workplace more enjoyable and productive for your employees.


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