Content Developer Jobs At Abbakin Glova Solution Ltd

Content Developer Jobs At Abbakin Glova

Content Developer Jobs At Abbakin Glova Solution Ltd

Job Summary: Content Developer Jobs At Abbakin Glova Solution Ltd.

We are looking for a Content Developer to write, develop, design and create content that educates and inspires our prospects and customers. Candidates should be able to assist management, students and all members of the company while carrying out his/her job functions.


About the Company:

Abbakin Glova Solution Ltd is a business developer, corporate branding and interactive marketing agency in Nigeria. We’re the #1 tech company this is promoting knowledge sharing, technology transfer and support for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

At Abbakin, we want you to build a digital dream for yourself, fulfill career purpose and add value to lives and brands. With our custom projects, you can learn from functional experts and be able to share innovative ideas with others within our communities.


Job Description

The Content Developer would provide contents for all levels of our projects, especially in the areas in which he/she specializes, viz.

  1. Business Research and Brand Development,
  2. Website Design and Web Development,
  3. Digital Marketing and Social Media Campaigns,
  4. Information Technology and Communications,
  5. Market Derivatives, Alternative Investments,
  6. Visual Communication and Display Advertising.


Job Responsibilities

  • While reporting to the Director of Marketing, your content development tasks could involve creative work, such as copywriting, graphic designs, or technical works.
  • You’ll be responsible for leading design creation from concept, storyboard, through production and execution with internal and/or external resources.
  • Help write and edit a variety of items such as blogs, white papers, press releases, email campaigns, website copy, eBooks, case studies, video scripts, and brand marketing communications that inform and delight the target audience or market.
  • Be able to educate or train other team members or students on basic creative designs, web developments, digital marketing fundamentals and web-based technologies
  • This position can be in the form of part-time freelance job or full-time; and it’s referenced based on our Lagos office.
  • We are also seeking for a trainee person or intern who is passionate in the computer technology/digital industry; and is ready to learn new skills to fulfill this role.
  • Payment for the above job opening and service is negotiable.


Required Job Skills

  • Proficiency in English language with good creative writing skills, innovative and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Ability to understand brand strategy, brand story and translate same into designs across platforms and audiences within Abbakin portfolios.
  • A good understanding of office practices, work methodology and content structuring; supported by attractive presentations in any form.
  • Proficiency in operating computer systems and knowledge about design tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and CorelDraw.
  • Web Programming knowledge as well as web-based technologies like HTML, CSS & Javascript to create and update websites content would be added advantage.
  • A multitasking team player that is detail-oriented, problem solving and can excel at completing assigned tasks and projects on time and exceed the expectations of our esteemed clients and stockholders.
  • Candidate must have minimum of ordinary national diploma (OND) in academic qualification; can be a degree holder or with any approve related certificate.
  • At least 1year experience in creative writing, computer assisted designs, and web related work environment and concept development.


How to Apply for this Content Developer Jobs At Abbakin Glova

Interested candidates should visit our career page for other expectations and how to apply. In case of any further queries, please feel free to get in touch with us here.

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