5 Effective Ways To Create An Appealing Employer Brand

Appealing Employer Brand

5 Effective Ways To Create An Appealing Employer Brand

I strongly feel that the most effective PR of a company is the voices of its employees. As long as your employees talk good about your company, you can easily attract top talents to your company. Employers and recruiters have realized the substantial benefits, which is why the appealing employer brand is becoming the major focus of companies in the modern workplace

“In today’s transparent job market, employment brand and employee engagement have become synonymous.” –Josh Bersin

Moreover, the benefits of employer branding do not only remain limited to building your reputation in the market or in the eyes of your potential employees. If the employees of your company are happy, they can assist in taking your business to the next levels of success and growth. These are just a few drops in the ocean that comes along with building a strong employer brand.

However, you as a recruiter or employer might agree with the fact that building an employer brand is not an easy task. You always need to stay updated on what factors attract the talent and what factors repel them.

That being the case, this blog will effectively highlight the top 5 crucial ways in which a company can build an effective employer brand. So let us dive right into the blog without further ado.


5 Crucial Ways To Build An Appealing Employer Brand


#1. Create a smooth recruitment process

It is no hidden fact that your recruitment process has a huge role to play in building an appealing employer brand and this is why it is on the top of our list of providing foolproof strategies for building a positive employer brand. From the time a candidate discovers your brand to their final onboarding process, all of these come under the recruitment process.

Hence, it is really essential for you to offer a positive candidate experience to your potential employees. If candidates have a positive experience with your company, even if they do not get selected, they are more likely to recommend you to other people. And this is the way in which your employer’s brand is built using your recruitment process.

Moreover, if you have a positive employer for having an effective recruitment process, it can also assist you in attracting more potential candidates that can assist you in building your dream team. In fact, statistics also validate that 80% of recruiters believe that employer branding has a significant impact on hiring great talent.

To make your recruitment process smoother, you need to make sure that you communicate your whole interview process. For example, you need to tell them about the time that it takes to review. This way your candidates won’t keep waiting for your response. Because otherwise, your candidate might get frustrated and you may lose some most efficient candidates for the position.


#2. Emerge as a purpose-driven company

Gone are the days when employees just used to work for higher salaries and personal benefits. They want to work for the purpose of playing their part in being responsible for the environment or social welfare. This is the reason they also look for the companies that match their perspective and assist them in accomplishing their purpose-driven goals.

Moreover, we all know that by 2025, millennial will make up 75% of the global workforce and a survey recently discovered that 64% of millennial won’t take a job if the organizations don’t have a strong CSR policy.

So if you want to emerge as a brand with a positive employer brand, you have to find a bigger purpose for your organization other than earning profits. If you successfully emerge as a purpose-driven company, then you will be able to create a positive perception of your company in the market. This will contribute to encouraging many employees to apply for a vacant position in your company.

Moreover, the same survey also discovered that 83% of the millennial would be more loyal which helps them in contributing to solving environmental issues. This implies that being a purpose-driven brand will not only assist you in creating a positive employer brand but will also assist in engaging employees and retaining them.

Some of the effective examples of companies that are popular purpose-driven brands are Patagonia, IKEA, Adidas, Tesla, Google, and many more. Moreover, we all know how the contemporary generation is crazy about working with these popular brands.

So what are you waiting for? Find the bigger purpose to work on and embrace this change through an effective change management process.


#3. Express through online channels

Let me ask you a question, let’s assume you are an employee and you discover a new brand that you are interested in working with, what is the first thing you do? Check their reputation online, right? You are not alone, every employee checks the reputation of employers or the organizations they wish to work for.

In fact, as per the survey by LinkedIn, 75% of candidates will research your company’s reputation before applying for your job opening. Further, this survey proves that if candidates do not like what they saw in your online reputation, then 69% of the employees will not even apply for the job. And remember that this will happen irrespective of how badly they need that job.

This is the reason that you need to build your online presence to build your employer brand to attract the top talents. There are ample options you can choose to build your online reputation such as

  • Build a website and add the reviews of your existing employees regarding their experience in the company.
  • Ask your employees to share their reviews on websites like Glassdoor or Ambitionbox.
  • Create your social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn and create unique content to showcase your achievements or stories that can engage and attract talent to your business.
  • Create and publish podcasts of employees sharing their experiences and then promote them through various other channels.

Current employees sharing their reviews and experiences of working with your company will give a clear picture to your other potential employees about the culture and working environment of your company. Once your positive online reputation is built, this will assist in building your positive employer brand and will encourage the best talents to work with your company.


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#4. Invest in diversity and inclusion

We all know that practicing diversity and inclusion comes with lots of advantages to the company such as enhanced engagement and profitability. However, did you know that fostering diversity and inclusion will also assist in positively shaping your employer’s brand?

Now let’s imagine, you decide to hire candidates that are the perfect fit for your job but they do not want to work with you because you do not practice diversity. They choose to deny the job offer because they belonged to an underrepresented group. They fear that they may be subjected to discrimination or harassment in a workplace that does not embrace inclusion. Hence, in contemporary times, not embracing diversity and inclusion can have a negative impact on your brand’s reputation.

This way you will not only lose some of the perfect talents but will also affect your reputation in the market negatively. This can further lead to resisting other candidates to apply to your company as well. In fact, one study revealed that 76% of job seekers cited diversity as a crucial factor while choosing an employer.

Hence, it is really essential for you as an employer to introduce some strict D&I policies so that you successfully emerge as a brand that not only values diversity and inclusion but practices it as well.


#5. Define the EVP of your company

There are so many companies all around the globe, why should a candidate choose you? This is where your EVP comes into the picture. EVP stands for an employee value proposition that refers to the set of unique benefits that employees receive in return for doing hard work for escalating the growth of the company.

And everybody wants to work with a company that pays off employees with multiple benefits for putting their all into the company. After all, why does every person wish to work with companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Tesla?

The major reason is that they offer multiple benefits along with assisting its employees in excelling in their professional lives. There are multiple ways through which you can define the EVP of your company. Some of the examples are given below

Once you create a positive EVP of your company, you can promote than EVP in the market using different social media platforms or other marketing tools. It will assist in creating a positive reputation for your brand in the eyes of candidates. Furthermore, it will assist in attracting more and more potential candidates that would love to work with your company. They will get attracted towards your company to avail the extraordinary benefits your company offers.


Summing Up: 5 Effective Ways To Create An Appealing Employer Brand

To encapsulate, an appealing employer brand is one of the most crucial factors that can assist in determining the overall success of your company. Because the more positive employer brand you will have, the more efficient employees you will be able to attract. Moreover, we all know that efficient employees are the biggest competitive advantage a company can have. So what are you waiting for? Use the effective above-mentioned way and create the strongest employer brand to get an edge over all your competitors.


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