5 Ways to Employee Appreciation Using Social Media

Employee Appreciation Using Social Media

5 Ways to Employee Appreciation Using Social Media

Is there an affordable and impactful way of giving a push to employees? Have you thought of a better, perhaps unique approach to employee appreciation using social media; especially when you have millennial talents as the majority? Read on!

Employee appreciation is very crucial and in fact, many employees cite lack of recognition as a barrier to productivity. When employees work extra hard and make a difference, they expect their bosses or organizations to recognize them and appreciate them. Employee appreciation makes employees feel valued and this motivates them to perform better. Similarly, it improves employee engagement, morale and retention.

We live in a world where social media is an integral part of our lives. To some, there is no single day that goes by without posting something on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. In fact, the power of social media is pretty evident in terms of numbers and insights.

According to Kepios, 58.7% of the global population uses social media in 2022. That is around 4.65 billion people worldwide. But can you believe that 4.55 billion people are active social media users? It means that these people log into their social media accounts and take an action i.e share content, comment, watch or upload a video.

When we talk about social media users, we mean people spread across social sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. That’s why it’s very important for a business to be on social media. Apart from marketing, companies can also leverage social media for employee appreciation. Using social media for employee recognition and appreciation is an inexpensive and effective strategy for employee engagement. In fact, it makes employees feel valued or worthwhile. It is now time for employers to think out of the box and get hold of the best tactics of how to use social media for employee appreciation.

According to HubSpot, 69% of employees stress that they would work harder if they felt that their efforts were better recognized. When it comes to giving shout-outs, social media is an excellent option. Besides, it will perfectly support your company’s digital presence. So let’s look at some of the best ways you can appreciate employees through social media.


The 5 Best Ways to Employee Appreciation Using Social Media 


#1. Post their Achievements & Contributions

Skilled employees are assets to any business and that’s why there is a lot of competition for the best talents in the market. So, once you’re able to hire and retain employees, it’s best to make it part of the company culture to appreciate them. Appreciating employees generally increases employee engagement and job satisfaction remarkably. The feeling that what they do makes a difference is a big motivational force on an employee. They will be willing to wake up each day to perform better, spend extra hours at work, or even show up when you least expect them.

Therefore, when an employee completes an online course in the area of specialization, attains the set company target, or completes a given number of years at the company, it’s best to show these milestones on social media.

Post a congratulation message on the company’s social media site with their pictures for others to know how productive your company and employees are. While creating the congratulatory message or selecting the employee pictures to post, it’s best to pay attention to their quality. Quality content, whether text, videos, or images is more engaging and attractive to the human eye and this should be reviewed before publishing.


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#2. Live Stream Moments of Recognition

When you love something, you aren’t afraid to show it off! A lot of companies believe live events are an excellent way to generate leads, but live streaming company events can also make employees feel appreciated. Precisely, it is an excellent way to show gratitude to a team. When it comes to company events such as team bonding activities, employees birthdays, training, workshops, or award ceremonies choose to go live.

Putting employees in the spotlight using a company’s social media handle is the finest way of creating history. Live streaming events also engage all types of viewers and it helps to foster a sense of connection with the outside world.


#3. Plan a Social Media Surprise

Is there anyone who doesn’t love surprises? If it’s a form of appreciation to your employees they will surely live to reminisce about it. Surprising your best performing team with a motivational speaker or business expert like Paul Nwokedi can be impactful. It can motivate employees to strategically face challenges or engage more in their work.

Besides, it will not only create memorable moments, but it will also boost employee morale or help guide employees when setting SMART Goals. Similarly, you would have helped advance their professional lives at a no or low cost.


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#4. Post Employee Journeys

Companies should value employees who are willing to work with them for a long time. With that, it’s essential to make it a policy to celebrate tenured employees in order to show gratitude for their commitment and efforts. If you have employees that have worked with you for a long time, you can choose to celebrate them by posting their journey at the company brochures or newsletters.

Normally, HR professionals document employee events such as employee onboarding sections, birthday celebrations, reward ceremonies, achievements, etcetera. Depending on the company culture, you can choose to post an employee’s course of life at the company once they make three or more years at the organization. You can choose to make a carousel that consists of quality photos and videos and then post it on the company’s social media networks.


#5. Say Goodbye in a Special Way

You can’t stop employees from leaving at one point in their services, however much you trust or entrusted a lot to them. There are many reasons why even good employees leave good companies. In case that happens, you can use the company’s social media handle to wish them farewell as well as notify the public about his or her exit indirectly.

You can choose to create a video in which the employee’s colleagues express compliments and talk about their experience as a team. The video can also include the employee’s strengths, unique personality traits, and contributions to the company. Then you can post it on the company’s social media handle.


Summing up: Employee Appreciation Using Social Media

We live in a world where our achievements, opinions, or experiences just seem not to remain private, thanks to social media. As you continue to leverage social media handles to expand your business’s outreach or generate leads, you can also use them for employee appreciation.

Employees feel happy when their professional achievements are publicly recognized and celebrated. Besides, posting anything about your employees shows authenticity. However, companies must keep the posts positive to avoid controversial content.


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