Top 20 Nigeria Business Directories and Search Engines

Top 20 Nigeria Business Directories

Top 20 Nigeria Business Directories and Search Engines

Boost your online presence with our list of top 20 Nigeria business directories and search engines. Adding your business or service to listing sites can increase both your website ranking and the click through rates (CTR). They help you get more online exposure and give you the opportunity to connect with your target customers easily.

If you want to promote your business through local business directories in Nigeria, Africa and beyond, you can contact Abbakin  now. We’re Nigerian online marketing company that offer localized and global search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. This implies that your business can show up on Google places and ranks high on other search engines whenever people are looking for your type of product, business or service.

As top SEO Company in Nigeria, our experts can help you submit your website or business to over 3,500 best search engines in the world and top global business directories. We will add your business on Google My Business, Bing Local and Yahoo Search, Baidu, Yelp worldwide directory,, MSN, AltaVista, Yellow Pages, AOL, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Wolfram Alpha and other African, Asia, US and UK business directories and social bookmarking sites.

Contact us now to book your best business listing and Link Building Services; or learn how to Submit your Business Listing on our websites here. Increasing your search traffic is an effective way to let potential customers know about your new products; however, when you list your business on top online business directories or service finders, you gain the opportunity to boost your online presence, advertise your special services, or upcoming events and make more sales.

By simply adding your business profile, location address, website link, phone numbers and email address on these sites; you can join the list of Nigerian Companies and service providers who are attracting new customers everyday from the global internet space. We drive local searchers and international audience to business premises and websites submitted on these platforms.

All the above stated professional brand and company details will help potential leads understand what your business does, how to contact you or visit your physical officer locations or website (if available). Thus, this article will show you where to get started about listing your products or services on popular business directories in Nigeria.

But before we do this, let us take some time to define the term: Business Directory or Yellow Pages.


What is Business Directory?

A business directory is a website or printed listing of information which lists businesses within niche based categories. Businesses can be categorized by niche, location, activity, or size. Business may be compiled either manually or through an automated online search software.

According to Wikipedia, Yellow Pages are telephone directories of businesses, organized by category rather than alphabetically by business name, in which advertising is sold. The directories were originally printed on yellow paper, as opposed to white pages for non-commercial listings.

Thus, an online business directory is a website, online portal, or yellow pages that list different businesses or services online based on their categories, locations, products, services, activities or sizes. This is just like the traditional printed yellow pages or business gazette that our governments used to provide general information about the registered businesses and companies activities.

The Nigeria online directories or e-directories now provide such opportunities to list companies and organizations in Nigeria, by allowing them to submit their contact information and service details for the public. Many of these directories will allow companies, entrepreneurs and brands to enter their business listings for free and charge them for special promotions; especially when the user wants to enter additional information or use certain features.

Hence, as a marketer, business developer, entrepreneur or service provider in Nigeria and abroad, adding your local business listings on the about to be mentioned business platforms is a way of marketing your business to people who are urgently searching for your products or services online; especially for those who are using their smartphones, tablets devices or desktops computers to shop for products and services near their cities or states in Nigeria.


How Do I Know the Best Business Directories in Nigeria?

Today, there are a huge number of business directories and service finders in Nigeria. Thus, finding the best directory sites that can provide maximum benefits to your business needs can be confusing some times.

One must serious consider may things like the website user friendliness, service display patterns, site speed, data security, trust, ability to get you new customers, among others. so if you are just starting out, below are some of the benefits of listing your company in a local business directory.

Benefits of Listing in a Local Business Listings in Nigeria

  1. Most of the nearby city directories and free business listing sites in Nigeria are direct optimized way of submitting your business details and website URL to local search engines.
  2. They promote interaction and exchange of information between producers, manufactures and consumers; by featuring special goods, promoting events and business news.
  3. Business directory submission site can get your business listed among top popular search engine result pages, SERPs.
  4. They also encourages users to write positive reviews about your business and share their experience on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  5. In today’s internet market, local search directories are the main sources of websites traffic for most businesses who want to increase sales.
  6. Thy give the opportunity to own a business landing page online, as compared to brick and mortar competitors who do not have any online presence or business website.
  7. For a new business, submitting your business details to major Nigeria business directories and search engines can also lead to worldwide market exposure.
  8. Online business listings sites will improve your website link-building strategy, brand awareness and increase in your customer conversion rates.


List of Paid and Free Business Directories in Nigeria:

Now, here is our list of top rated business directories in Nigeria where you can add your business information and expect an increase in your online and offline customer traffic. This list includes top Nigeria local business directories, professional service finder websites and other related platforms that you can list your business and hope to be seen and contacted by prospective buyers and clients.

Please note that these local business directories are listed in no particular order of preference and that they are also rated in different ways. Nevertheless, some of the considerations in this ratting include; especially their web popularity and users friendly features; networking and promotional capacities, web authority and popularity among others.

This list may not be complete without your input. There are many more online business directories out there that you can find and include in this list to make it a useful and comprehensive one. Please remember to share your though about the business directories you have used that works.

More so, we hope this list of top 20 Nigeria online business directories and search engines would help you the most. The information contained in this post may not reflect the idea of or its editorial team. We did not give credit or collect money from any of these websites. Therefore, we ask that you kindly take out some time to visit and review the operation of these websites; to find out more about how they can help you boost your business online marketing efforts.


Top 20 Nigeria Business Directories and Search Engines:



Visfinder is a top service listing and online business directory in Nigeria. On this website, you can stand out with quality business profile and gain more traffic or increase your sales with their paid listing services.

It is Abbakin business listings website designed to ensure our clients gain greater online visibility and best possible results through search friendly business and service listing services. Here you can publish your products for sale, add your services or business in local directories designed for the 36 sates in Nigeria.


#2. Business List

This website is created and managed by Global Business Directory, a Sole Proprietorship business based in Lithuania, southern Europe. If you have tried many businesses listing websites in Nigeria then is definitely one the best.

You business can see more visible online if you are listed on this directory. You can also find and apply to jobs that match your skills, and connect with people to advance your career.


#3. Connect Nigeria

Connect Nigeria looks like the best business directory used for a range of different local listings, sales items and must-see events. Visitors to this site can add their own listings through the front-end submission form.

Depending on how you chosen to market your business also, you can either upload your business for free or let them promote your business for a fee by placing online banner ads on the site.



Finelib is an active Nigeria business directory and search engine with local business reviews in all cities and towns in Nigeria. The website is created with the idea to develop Nigerian local content by leveraging the potentials of information technology for higher productivity, good governance and global competitiveness for Nigerian companies offering goods and services.

If you want a local customers’ search engine, this platform helps businesses and companies who need customers to find them in Nigeria, West Africa and across the world. Its has a huge list of companies in Nigeria and their email addresses and other contact details.


#5. Vconnect Nigeria

Vconnect is a business engagement platform that helps local businesses access their markets and also helps customers find and hire trusted service professional online. This platform is not just a business directory; it is a marketplace and one of the largest search engines in Nigeria with a huge database of local businesses and service providers.

With Vconnect Business, each listing can have their own image gallery to better showcase the offerings, as well as include links to relevant social profiles of the business.


#6. Nigeria Galleria

Nigeria Galleria is one of the Nigeria popular business information portals and online e-directory that only accepts a range of premium and sponsored business listings.

The website contains a quality list of companies, NGO, agencies, organizations and businesses in Nigeria. This business directory also features jobs and vacancies, finance, city guide, upcoming events, and daily news from Nigerian newspapers and commentaries.


#7. NGEX Business Directory

NGEX Business Directory is one of the leading Nigerian search engines and business directories that are designed to help users find companies, products, services, and information they need in Nigeria.

The company itself provides data-driven marketing solutions that help businesses reach and engage their desired global audience and increase awareness of their products in Nigeria and the Nigerian in Diaspora.


#8. Hotfrog Nigeria

Hotfrog is a business directory company operates in 44 countries and helps 69 million businesses reach new customers globally.

The website is designed for SMEs to create demand for their business by conveying what’s different about the products and services to the clients. They use SEO technology to match service keywords to the words potential customers enter in the online search engines via the browsers.


#9.  Nigeria Yellow Pages

Yell Publishers Nigeria Limited, formally known as Abuja Yellow Pages Nigeria Limited published the FCT’s comprehensive business and government directory in 1997 – as a means of promoting commerce, investment and tourism in Abuja, Africa’s fastest growing city.

The company now publishes the Nigeria Yellow Pages®, a nationwide business and government directory that showcases the investment and tourism potentials of Nigerian cities. With offices located in Lagos and Abuja, you can contact them for your banner advertising or visit the website for your online business listings.


#10. Nigeria Business Directory

The Nigeria Business Directory is a communication, marketing and networking service company created in 2009 to help businesses of all types to network within their home countries and across the African Continent.

You can advertise your business on different areas on the website.  The Directory offers a unique opportunity for companies and members of the public to search for business information, services and communication or interaction between each other.



With VisCorner is a professional and domestic service listing site that allows individuals and companies to make it easy for customers to find them online.

VisCorner was founded in June 2018. The goal of VisCorner is to enable everyone find affordable and quality services and to create an equal opportunity for everyone to offer whatever they do that others may find useful.


#12. Nigeria Business Listing

Nigeria Business Listing is a great online directory guide you can use to find local businesses, services, and attractions near you in Nigeria. It is a directory that helps businesses be found by potential customers, along with providing marketing solutions to help them succeed.

Founded in 2016, business owners or developers can setup free account on this website, post photos and message their customers; while visitors can write reviews of businesses they have experienced and can also connect with people of the same interests.


#13. NG Contacts

NG Contacts is an online business directory that contains list of Nigerian yellow pages, companies’ profiles, addresses, phone numbers and email address that can be used to promote your products or services; and reach thousands of customers in Nigeria and beyond.

With this website, you can get listed online for free and search business information, using the categories or keywords features integrated on the site. NGContacts is developed and marketed by Webstar Information Services Ltd.


#14. Nairaland Forum

This website is not very new in Nigeria. It is an online business community created since March 2005 by Seun Osewa and it’s currently ranked as one of the most visited websites in Nigeria.

Nairaland feature a highly simple design and appearance that will help give you the opportunity to register a user account and place paid advertisements that are targeted at Nigerians. You can also post pictures of your products and services and get them approved for free provided you are not being overly sellsy.


#15. NAIBAC Social Networks

When it comes to social media networks, NAIBAC doesn’t disappoint. And if you’re looking for a well-rounded tool that combines multiple users’ interaction and community engagement on social media, NAIBAC could be a good directory option.

It connects you with a wide variety of people with skills you’re interested in. As a registered user, members can post free articles that can be promoted across social media so that they get seen by lots of people.


#16. Nigeria Business Links

Nigeria Business Links is one of the top 20 Nigeria online business directories that is free and at the same time gives you the latest business news and back-links to your site. It helps your local business promotion, advertising and marketing to efficiently reach more people and increase online traffic.

This directory includes features like comment section, geo-locator tool, or a Google Map, so that when a visitors lands on your listings, they will automatically be shown to your current business location.


#17. Yalwa Business Directory

Yalwa is another great business directory that offers the opportunity for users to find local businesses in each industry sector across all cities and neighborhoods of Nigeria. Yalwa is an internet company based in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Like so many others directories, it includes features like elaborated categories, business ratings, and reviews. So you can share your opinion by writing about your experiences with companies in your local area, or report any unprofessional conducts.


#18. The 6000 Profiles

This directory was developed to be a source of contact information for Nigerian companies. Companies listed in this directory are companies that control significant market share in each business sectors of Nigeria.

According to the website, it contains concise profiles of 6000 companies including their contact details, phone numbers, emails, management, staff strength, and more. As you contact companies in this directory, you are also encouraged to add your company so people can contact you too. The company is the brain behind


#19. Lagos List

This is a business directory in Lagos. Lagos List is an information portal and free classified Ads site for the City of Excellence, Lagos State Nigeria. The website offers online directory, where you can find useful information about businesses and companies in Lagos and its environs. It also features lots of other useful information about the city of Lagos.

It is a growing Lagos business directory that serves as the Lagos city guide and business listings site for businesses and organizations in need of customers from the most populous city in Nigeria.


#20. Abuja Business Directory

Another interesting website that is currently talking about everything in Abuja in this category is Abuja Business Directory. This is an online yellow-page with detailed listing of businesses in Abuja.

For startup businesses, and individuals who have made in Nigeria products or specialized services that meet international standards, you can share it on this website and get free online exposure too.


Final Thoughts: Top 20 Business Directories in Nigeria

Now that you know more about the best and most popular business directories and web search engines in Nigeria and across the world, is it time for you time to capitalise on these online opportunities.  Some of them are dominating the business search engine market and are used daily by most people in Nigeria.

The key point is to make the right choice for your business or service offers; considering location, device interoperability, user friendliness, and the target audience reach. During the compilation of his list, we’ve taken data from Wikipedia, Alexa, Similar Web and other online platforms.

We will continue to look for latest search trends and new directory platforms that support professionals, local businesses and service providers Nigeria. If you are interested in improving your own ranking with this directory list, then contact us and submit your details. You can also drop your comments below about any service finder or business listing sites you have used that works.


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