Top 20 Nigeria Business Directories That Boost Your Marketing

Top 20 Nigeria Business Directories

Top 20 Nigeria Business Directories That Boost Your Marketing

Boost your online presence with this top 20 Nigeria business directories and search engines. Advertising your business through a local business directory can be an effective way to let your potential customers know about your new products, services, upcoming events and many more.

Join the list of Nigerian Companies who are attracting new customers to their door steps by including your business profile, location address, website link, phone numbers and email address on these sites, all detailed so that potential customer can easily reach you.



What is a Business Directory?

An online business directory is a website, a portal, and yellow pages that list some businesses online based on category, location, activity or size.

The Nigeria online directory, or e-directory also provides such opportunities which list companies and organizations in Nigeria, usually with their contact and service information.

Many of these directories will allow you to enter your business listings for free, or charge you for promotion especially when you want to enter additional information.

Therefore as a marketer, developer or business owner in Nigeria, adding your business listings  in these platforms is a way of providing, and marketing your business contacts to people who are urgently searching for your products or services online – using their smartphones, tablets or desktops computers.

If you are just starting out, below are some of the benefits of listing your company in a local business directory.



Benefits of Listing in a Local Business Directory

  • Business listing is a way of submitting your business details and website URL to search engines or nearby directories.
  • Business directory submission can get your products or services listed top on search engine result pages, SERP.
  • In today’s internet market, local search directories are the main sources of websites traffic for most businesses.
  • Submitting your website to major search engines like GoogleMyBusiness, Bing Local and Yahoo! Local will indeed improve your link-building, online business promotion and increase in sales.



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List of Top 20 Nigeria Business Directories to List Your Business

Now, here are a list of the top Nigeria local business directories and other websites that you can list your business and hope to be seen and contacted by prospective buyers and clients.

Please note that these local directories are listed in no particular order of preference and are also rated in different ways – especially their web popularity and features, networking and promotional capacities etc. Kindly take out the time and review these websites to find out how they can boost your online marketing efforts.



Top 20 Nigeria Business Directories

  1. Nigeria Galleria.
  2. Nigeria Business Links.
  3. Yalwa Business Directory.
  4. Nigeria Business Directory.
  5. NGEX  Business Directory.
  6. FineLib Nigerain Directory and Search Engine
  7. SME ToolKit.
  8. NG Contacts.
  9. Abbakin Business Listings.
  10. 6000 Profiles Nigerian Companies Directory.
  11. Business List.
  12. Vconnect Nigeria.
  13. Online Nigeria Business Directory.
  14. Lagos City Guide.
  15. NAIBAC Social Networks.
  16. Lagos List.
  17. Business Directory Nigeria.
  18. Nigeria Yellow Pages.
  19. SME Arena.
  20. Lagos Online Directory.


Note: There are many more online business directories out there that you can find and include in this list. However, we hope this top 20 Nigeria business directories and search engines would help the most. Now lets talk about how Abbakin can support your startup journey.



Abbakin Business Listings Services

The Abbakin Business Listings opportunity is part of our free business marketing, and networking services – created to help all types of businesses in Nigeria, Africa and across the world reach out to their global customers and search engines.

Because we love to empower entrepreneurs, this business directory is for startup businesses, small and medium size enterprises, SEMs; which makes their local businesses visible online.

Abbakin is a Nigeria online marketing company that you can trust. With our Free Localized Search Engine Optimization Services, your business listings can show up on first page of Google search whenever people are looking for your type of product or business.

To ensure your greater online visibility and best possible results also , our SEO Experts can help submit your websites or business details to over 60 relevant search engines and business directories in Nigeria and globally to suit your industry.

Submission to top search engines will include: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, YellowPage, AOL, and many other review sites.


Start Your Free Business Listing Now!


Top 20 Nigeria Business Directories













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