6 Things to Include In Your Local Business Listing Sites

Things to Include In Your Local Business Listing Sites

6 Things to Include In Your Local Business Listing Sites

There are many online business directories you can submit your details today, but small businesses which are location specific should start with the local business listing sites in their niche or area.

Adding the right information to your business directory profile across these sites will increase the chances that these prospects are able to contact your for business offers.

Here, we’ve put together a list of the most important things you should get right and ensure to include them across all your local business listing sites.


What is a Local Business Listing Site?

A local business listing site is an online business directory where you can submit your company’s business NAP (name, address, and phone numbers).

It may contain other important information like your office working hours, geo-location or street map, business reviews options, ratings, and social sharing features.

Usually, most local business listing services are aimed at marketing your businesses locally base on your cities or villages; and for the purpose of reaching out to the nearby customers who are interested in your products or services.

This list of bespoke business listing practices will help your business stand out, build a stronger online presence, enjoy more customer confidence, increase website traffic, and ultimately sell your products.

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Now, here the six important information you must include while creating your business profile of such local search engine.

6 Things to Include In Your Local Business Listing Sites

#1. Add Correct Company Description

Before creating and managing your business listings on directory sites, decide on the name to give your business online and better ensure this is the same thing everywhere on the web.

Again, make sure you have written out a well detailed description of your business or service, reflecting on things such as your company’s mission, culture, your corporate values; the key operation, product and/or service that you offer.

What features and benefits are in there for the customers?

Your company description should (at least) be up to 250 word counts for maximum exposure and ensure clear communication of sales goals. It should also contain some of your business keywords or other information that can attract and convince the target audience to contact you.

These may include your store opening hours, flexible payment methods, good access road, parking space, wheelchair accessibility, uninterrupted power supply, friendly shop attendant, free Wifi access or internet facilities among other amenities.

#2. Be Consistent with Your Business Information

If you add or update your business on multiple business directories, make sure you’re providing the same company information across each directory.

Such that;

When a user enters a search query like “web designers near me” on a local search engines or directories; such as Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Facebook Local, Apple Maps, or Yellow Pages; the search results will return accurate information about your business and its activities to the searcher.

It’s important that your business information appears correctly in local search results. Why? If your business details are outdated or incorrect, you’ll miss out potential customers who are looking for your services online.

Maintaining up-to-date and accurate listings information will therefore increase your chances of being found by online shoppers.  Again, you can use aggregator tools to update all of your directory listings at once if supported by your local business listing sites.

#3. Don’t Forget to Include Multimedia

Online customers love quality images so much. And sometimes, they will hope to see the video formats or other file documents that make things fun and legit!

If you’re in to event planning or mouth watering bakery business for examples, you can always have a product’s story to share with our customers each weekend.

Image they say ‘speaks more than word’. So include multimedia contents in your directory profile if possible.

Be sure to use good camera or your smartphone to take products pictures and videos if these features are well integrated in your mobile phones and PAs;

Alternatively, you can use online graphic tools like Canva to create beautiful designs and quality images for your business.

Giving your searchers a visual taste of your business may include a picture or video of your office, your employees’ happy hours, or your daily business operations.

These can be some ways to illustrate how you prepare the products, thus remember to include your company’s pictures, and products videos in your local business directories.

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#4. Add a Link to your Website

Getting your information listed on local business directories or local business listing sites helps you to improve your online marketing visibility.

Most importantly, getting backlinks or linkbacks from these directory sites also have a great impact in your search engine optimization (SEO) structure.

Backlinks — also known as inbound links — are crucial to your company website’s domain authority and growth in the World Wide Web. So, consider adding your business address or the uniform resource locator (URLs) to all your preferred listing sites where possible.

Although, most high value listing sites may required that you purchase a premium package or advance listing plans to enjoy this property.

In this case specifically, look for SEO friendly local business listing sites like Visfinder.ocm.ng which is optimized to strengthen your website ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).


#5. Verify and Claim your Business Listings

Online visitors place more trust in verified businesses so this is another important feature to implement in your listings. When customers are searching on the directories, they consider verified businesses and their products which will always appear ahead of the rest. We consider verified business and priority listings.

Verifying and claiming your business list online gives your customers a sense of the outcomes they can achieve using our products or services.

Most directory services, like Google verify their users’ account via email, calling your phone number, and prompt you to enter a verification code.

Other business directories may in addition require that listing owners should upload their valid business registration documents (CAC), proof of address (utility bill) or personal ID.

Once you are a member of such sites, ensure you provide the necessary details required to claim and/or verify your business listings as soon as possible. By doing so, customers will see your business as a trusted brand always. Again, you will not have to loose your business name to other rivals.


#6. Get People to Talk About your Business

Today buyers are researching a lot, and are more informed. When they are looking for information online, searching for business reviews and comments here and there.

Though, it is not advisable to get false people, friends or colleagues to start writing reviews for your business online.

This is because your business review should come from your real customers who have good testimonies to share about your products, offers or services.

Potential customer who would ordinarily want to patronize your business may suspect these kinds of reviews which are usually too professional, and therefore may end up stopping people from buying your products.

Instead of using false or spam reviews, encourage your happy customers or clients you’ve worked for to visit some of your popular local business listing sites or review sites and drop their reviews in the form of success stories.

This information will be more helpful to your to-be customers and be able to convince and supercharge their decision making process.

As Seth Godin, an American author and former dot com business executive once put it: “People don’t buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories, and magic”.

Wrapping up: 6 Things to Include In Your Local Business Listing Sites

Local directory submissions or adding your company’s NAP to local business listing sites is one of the first steps to dominate the local search results in your area or city.

While doing this, make sure that you have the same correct detailed information about your business everywhere your potential customers might find you (both local and global).

As a provider or small business owner, remember to include your company registered or legitimate name, location or street address, your valid telephone number(s), company email address, and well written product or service description with the main marketing features and products keywords.

If you’re building an enterprise, you’ll need to create a new business listing online for your company; otherwise, you can just update or claim your existing businesses as these are critical to your online marketing strategy.

If you are looking for online business listing sites in Nigeria; don’t just wait — Add Your Business — to Visfinder.com.ng Business Directory and join over 10 thousand registered businesses and experienced professionals on the platform. Don’t forget to select the appropriate business category for your listing so people can see your business among others when searching for products or services under your category.

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