How to Ensure High Traffic in Instagram Using User Generated Contents

How to Ensure High Traffic in Instagram Using User Generated Contents

How to Ensure High Traffic in Instagram Using User Generated Contents

This post will show you how to ensure high traffic in Instagram using user generated contents. The ideal way to increase traffic to your site is by alluring more and more members of your social media community to visit it.

Given the fact that Instagram has over 800 million active users, there is probably a better social media channel that will provide better results and conversion rate. This is the easiest platform to access your Instagram
community members who you know share posts featuring your specific brand and comment on it as well.

Apart from the fact that you will have better access to a storehouse of potential content of gold, you will also have an enhanced chance of starting a more fruitful and effective conversation. This is the most significant reason that most major brands lookout for better and more appealing contents from their Instagram followers that are known as User Generated Contents.


How to Ensure High Traffic in Instagram Using User Generated Contents

There are several other benefits of using thee for business promotional purpose.

  • Using UGCs is more cost-effective and time-saving as you do not need to put in a lot of effort to create new content.
  • You simply have to curate these contents from your fans that will ensure that you foster better and higher audience engagement.
  • As for your Instagram followers, this approach will create and provide them with an incentive to share posts.

All you have to do is take permission from the users before you use it for your promotional purposes. In this modern day of business, there are several brands that primarily rely on these Instagram user-generated contents to fill their Instagram feeds and to promote their brand.

The chief reasons for such the fondness of the businesses for UGCs are:

  • Each image on the Instagram platform is a definite place for the customers to book through the site of the business
  • The company, in turn, can create a great landing page for their Instagram followers to find all the places that are mentioned by real customers.

This results in increased traffic to the site in turn. Therefore, using UGCs can be very cost effective, productive and extremely rewarding.


Specific considerations to make

However, just as it is in all cases, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while you choose the photos to use for your promotional purpose and curate. These considerations that will make your effort more rewarding are:

  • The photos should match perfectly with your brand
  • It must relate with your intent
  • It must uphold the brand value and
  • It must prove to be more aesthetic.

You will have to follow a specific guideline to ensure that all of the above criteria are fulfilled and these are:

  • You will first need to review the accounts of the users you have chosen to use the contents of
  • You must also check all the posts very carefully before sharing the contents to make sure that it is relevant and appropriate
  • You must also make sure that the contents are good enough to align your brand publicly with their specific accounts
  • Also, make sure that you provide your followers with proper insight on how it got featured or to get featured
  • Most importantly, you must always make sure that you give the due credit to the original creator of the content by mentioning the name in your caption.

If you want more technical help for re-posting the User Generated Contents you can use the new Instagram Repost tool. Using this tool you can even Regram the contents directly from the app if you wish. You can even schedule the contents on your social media calendar.


Clear team guidelines

To make sure that you stay away from any unwanted incidents and other obligations while using the User Generated Contents, you must make sure that you establish and follow a clearly defined guideline for your team. This guideline should involve everything from the styling to publishing and from workflow to brand aesthetic.

You must know that typically it is the key to have a consistent voice on social media if you want to build your brand properly and in the true sense. Since Instagram is a characteristically visual the platform, the need for such a clearly defined aesthetic and guideline is even more profound.

The guidelines should involve each and every person and aspect of the entire creation process such as:

  • The person responsible for managing the Instagramaccount of your brand
  • The guidelines for establishing the composition
  • Ensuring the use of filters and
  • Proper captions.

Allthis will ensure that your Instagram account is a useful part of your digital marketing strategy and will
provide more traffic to your site ensuring that they have a unique and more unified brand experience.

Ideally,when you publish a User Generate Content on your Instagram account, you will have to look much deeper, think more intrinsically, take more educated and informed decisions rather than focusing on the specific filters that will look at its best.

In addition to that, you will also have to look at the visual composition to make it better and more aesthetically pleasing and appealing at the same time.

Besides that, you must also take a look at other different aspects such as:

  • The location tagging
  • Use of proper hashtags
  • Make the captions catchier and
  • Craft a proper and strategic plan for your
    approach in advance.

Maintaining a brand aesthetic is the most crucial thing in this aspect which can be achieved only when you review the existing visual depictions of your brand. This may include different useful and significant parts such as:

  • Your business logo
  • The official website
  • The graphics used
  • Your stock photography and
  • All other collateral.

Also, consider the need for establishing a color palette, cool or warm tone in the pictures, the editing effects on the social media style guide as well as on consistent branding.

All these careful steps will allow you to exploit the potential of each of the Instagram feature and its functionality to the fullest when you want to use the User Generated Contents.


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