5 Best SEO Hacks for Your Fashion Brand

Best SEO Hacks for Your Fashion Brand

5 Best SEO Hacks for Your Fashion Brand

If you have a fashion store online, you will need SEO and quality content. Here are 5 best SEO hacks for your fashion brand. There is no doubt about the same. That is the foolproof way to rank high in the SERPs and maintain the position for days to come. When it comes to SEO for a fashion website, you need to follow some special features and traits, unlike other generic business websites.

If you are new to the business, you need to make your business presence felt online. First things first, you need to create SEO-friendly content for your fashion blog. Make sure the topics are unique and tell something about your apparel line. Why buyers should opt for your fashion store and not others? How is your clothesline different from the rest? These are the questions to ask before implementing SEO for your fashion business.

According to Huffpost.com, you must hire an experienced SEO consultant for your fashion website. Besides using the relevant keywords in your site content, you must promote your content through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You will benefit and be surprised by the results.

You might be wondering how to implement the SEO tactics for your fashion business. Fret not. We are here to help you. Here are the five best SEO tips for your fashion store:


5 Best SEO Hacks for Your Fashion Brand


#1. Look for keywords based on the latest fashion trends

Use long-tail keywords after researching online. Use the best keyword tools and then proceed. You should choose long-tail search terms because the competition is less than short-tail keywords.

The long-tail search terms reflect user intent and most possibly would lead to sales. There is no doubt about the same. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. Say, for instance, a search phrase like women’s winter jacket will not help you get the top position in the SERPs because other fashion websites compete for such keywords. On the contrary, if you use women’s winter jacket with fur, it will help you rank better in the SERPs.

You must use the long-tail keywords that are in vogue now. Thus, you need to study the keyword trends, make a list of the most relevant one, and then integrate into your fashion website content seamlessly.


#2. Create stellar website content

Your fashion site needs new, fresh, and quality content consistently. It will help you rank high in Google’s search pages. When it comes to your fashion website or blog, the rules of optimization become more stringent compared to other generic businesses. Nothing less than the best and creative web copy and high-resolution images is going to work for your business.

You need to describe how men’s tuxedo feels when touched with hands. Therefore, you need to create highly creative product descriptions and hire the best copywriters to do the job. You will need to explain how comfortable the fabric feels and why your customers would love to wear them.

Focus on the product benefits, use powerful words to connect with your audience, expect essential questions related to your product, use sensory words, and tell your buyers a story about a tuxedo suit. If you want to learn more about creating optimized and quality content, you can find more information on SEO here.


#3. Use the best photos and optimize them

Your fashion business depends on high-definition photos and videos more than any other businesses. Here lies the difference between fashion garments and ordinary outfits. Therefore, use images that look stunning so that it helps you sell your fashion apparels and accessories.

Photos, especially heavy visuals take a toll on your website’s load speed. And if your site takes several seconds to load, Google will rank it down in the search engine result pages, SERPs. Yes, your SEO will take a backseat. So, here are ways to lessen the load on your web pages even if you include the best pictures and videos.

These are some of the best ways to optimize your images:

  • Make sure you save all images in the JPEG format, especially large photos. Use the PNG format smaller pictures.
  • Choose the optimal photo dimension, i.e. the right height and width. The correct measurements not only affect the page space but also the photo’s file size. Do not use images that are larger than it is necessary on your fashion website.
  • There are a few graphics software applications which tune down the image quality and reduce the size of a specific file. Each photo has some point where its quality is impossible to tell; apart from the best quality that helps you to trim a couple of kilobytes. Therefore try to maintain the right balance.
  • Besides optimizing your website images, keep track of your site’s page load time. If there are issues, you can consult an SEO expert who knows about the best tools to increase your page speed.


#4. Use product categories properly

Your fashion website should have product categories. It means when two or more of your product pages have similar keywords, Google will find it confusing to determine which pages to rank higher for the said search terms.

This way, your fashion website competes with itself, thus affecting your site’s visibility and ranking on the major search engines. That is the reason why you should use one set of search phrases for each page. This way, there is no overlapping and your website ranks high in Google’s search results.


#5. Leverage the power of analytics

Measure how well your fashion design website is performing through Google analytics tools. Your online fashion garments store needs more sales. Therefore, use the best SEO tools to measure the progress of your site.

Include call-to-actions (CTAs) like add to cart, learn more, and shop now in your Ecommerce website. Use these CTAs and the URL link assigned to each CTA in the right way. Use the CTAs to your benefit. Try it and you’ll be surprised by the results you get.

And now that you have these 5 best SEO hacks for your fashion brand handy, use them to take your fashion website to the next level. Improve your bottom line by selling your products with increased revenue.


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