Crucial Things to Learn about Professional WordPress Hosting

Professional WordPress Hosting

Crucial Things to Learn about Professional WordPress Hosting

WordPress has been regarded as an open source content management platform, and it comes with wide ranges of features for website development. In this article, a few critical aspects about professional WordPress hosting will be discussed.

With WordPress, you shall find that your website is built upon perfection with ease. Even layman in the field of
website development will not find any hassles with WordPress website designing or development

When it comes to having a simple business website or e-commerce platform or a blogging web platform, WordPress has been preferred by millions of people across the world.

With this CMS platform, you can find many crucial aspects. If you are going to use WordPress hosting for developing your website and accommodating web data, you need to know the following things, as knowing these things will help you in many ways.


8 Crucial Things to Learn About Professional WordPress Hosting


#1. and Differences

In the beginning, we need to learn the differences between the and Both domains look same, though they have different extensions. The “.com” version of the WordPress is most popular among people across the world. Once you visit, you can find the option for signing up. Having a valid email ID will help you to sign up with WordPress within a few seconds.

When the sign up is done, you can move on to the login section. With your newly created username and password, you can simply log in. Once you have logged in, you can find options for uploading WordPress
contents. When you start a blog at the “.com” extension of WordPress, you shall get a blog URL, like “”

In the case of the, you shall find a few differences. When you already have a domain and website hosting server, you can use the for setting up your website with the WordPress.
In this way, you can get a WordPress website at your any preferred domain. Like, you do not have to deal with a domain that comes with “” at the ending.


#2. Getting PHP and MySQL Support

In order to use the WordPress based website, you need to have knowledge of two things. The first thing is that
database support is required for building complex as well as dynamic website. For database support, WordPress has always shown amazing compatibility with MySQL. Using MySQL is also a good thing as well since this database framework provides excellent security and easy data management.

On the other hand, WordPress based website needs certain modifications. To modify the codes, you need to have primary knowledge in PHP. This is an advanced website building language, featuring seamless support for the website building with WordPress framework.


#3. Fundamental Concept of Professional WordPress Hosting

The concept of WordPress hosting has its unique advantages. Users should know those advantages; otherwise reaping all those benefits would be difficult. In the following section, the basic features of the WordPress hosting will be discussed in detail.


#4. More Traffic and Storage Space

When it comes to choosing WordPress hosting service, people are always keen to understand the space that they shall get for the data hosting. Everyone wants a high amount of space for the data storage, as with the advent of time size of data increases.

So, accommodating the high amount of data4 is imperative. However, at the same time, data safety is a concern. Being a reputed hosting service, WordPress hosting offers optimum security for data. If you follow all the basic data security guidelines or norms, you would not have to face any hassles of data storage.

WordPress is by default compatible with the guidelines of Google. That means irrespective of the themes for
developing WordPress website; you shall get an SEO friendly website. Due to the SEO-friendliness, WordPress based websites get traffic easily.

WordPress based websites also do not use heavy images. As a result, website loading happens faster than other
websites. Interesting as well as visually attractive web interface of the WordPress based websites also creates amazing appeal among the website visitors.


#5. Standard Protocol for File Transfer

The file transfer protocol of the WordPress based website is standardized. Thus, website owners do not need additional preparations or learning for handling such websites. It offers unlimited file transfer through a secure medium.

There is no concern of data hacking or phishing during the process of file transfer as the standardized protocol for file transferring has been followed. Different file formats can also be transferred from one place to another place. So, professional WordPress hosting comes with seamless file transfer protocol. It makes things easier for users.


#6. Free Email Addresses

With WordPress hosting, you can get a free email service. Like any other hosting services, there are some free emails for you to use. These free emails can be your domain-based emails. You can get an email address as per your requirements.

These emails can be used for professional emailing purposes. From sending emails to the customers to running digital marketing services.


#7. Robust Support Facility

With WordPress, you can get robust customer support. When it comes to website hosting, people look for technical support as required. In different points of time, people have to face different sorts of issues. To resolve these issues, people need to contact the service provider. For that purpose, good customer support is necessary.

When there is no good customer support, resolving the problems becomes complicated. So, it is important to
check whether a hosting service provides good customer support or not. This is why WordPress hosting is highly recommended.


#8. Cost-effectiveness of WordPress

One of the major reasons for choosing the WordPress content management system (CMS) is its cost-effectiveness. It is important to find the best hosting service at the most affordable cost. This is the reason why you need to choose professional WordPress hosting as it is cost-effective.

It is extremely affordable for you. From business websites to personal blogs, everyone wants cost-effectiveness. WordPress hosting is simple yet robust as well as seamless to provide the best experience to the users.


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