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How to Become Airtel, MTN and 9Mobile Agent in Nigeria

If you want to venture into the mobile and telecommunication industry in Nigeria, this post is an ideal brief information on how to become Airtel, MTN and 9Mobile Agent in Nigeria. Many social entrepreneurs and young startups usually find it difficult to start simple franchising or agency businesses on their own. This may be as a result of the initial financial requirement to start a business in Nigeria or the fact that they believe that they are actually working...

How to Create the Best Mobile App for Business

We are going to discuss how to create the best Mobile App for Business. Do you know how create an app for your business? Developing a suitable mobile app for your business is no longer an option; it is a necessity! This is because whatever your company does online via a website can also be done on smartphones, which adds portability, location targeting and other engagement features to your marketing mix. Mobile applications can support your business online sales, customer loyalty programs,...

Mobile Marketing Strategies And How to use Them 

As a business owner or marketer, do you want to know why your business need mobile marketing strategies and how to implement them? Well, mobile marketing is a component of a multi-channel campaign, called Digital Marketing. Mobile marketing is aimed at reaching out to your target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices. Usually, mobile marketing process is usually implemented via Mobile-friendly Websites, Emails Marketing, MMS and SMS Messaging, Social Media Marketing, and Mobile Applications. Mobile devices are...

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