How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

If you are looking for ideas on how to make money online in Nigeria, this post will show you some decent and sure ways you can earn massively online. Here, we are going to discuss several creative way of making money online.

So if you are reading this article, you’re one step ahead of achieving success in your online money making quest. Without out wasting mush of your time, below is our step by step guide or better; the list of available options on how to make money online in Nigeria.


How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

#1. Start Online business

With the current economic crisis, selling your product online with ecommerce website or social media sites is truly one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria. Whatever you’ve decided to sell, be it a digital download, a video content, a product gallery with eBooks or music audio; or you want to accept donations on your NGO website. We can set your website up and running in few days and give you the support you need.

Read how to start online business in Nigeria and check out our list of very lucrative online businesses you can start as a student, a stay at home mum, a freelancer or a full-time employee; who is already working with a company. Starting a niche specific online business is another means of earning extra income. As branding and business development company in Nigeria, we included a free business plan template and other resources to help you setup your online business fast.

Online business is simply the act of buying and selling of goods and services, sharing of ideas or distributing of your products by using the power of the Internet. The advantage of doing online business is that it’s cost effective; convenient and can easily reach out to a lot of customers within a short period of time. In fact, your online business offer can go viral if the target audience falls in love in with your products.


#2. Join Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog or a corporate website, or you’re popular on any social media networks; then you can monetize your website partially or in full by using affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate marketing is another smart way to make money online by promoting other people’s products and services that you liked and have used on your website or social media handles. You are bound to earn a commission when someone makes purchase using your tracking link or coupon code on your affiliate partners’ websites.

Again, if you’re like a social media influencer who has up to 100k+ followers on Instagram or Twitter, you can actually collaborate with leading influencer marketing agency in promoting brands or products on your social media handles. Social media influencer marketing is another process the Nigerian youths and celebrities are using to make money online; while engaging with their buying community and social media fans.


#3. Start Freelancing Jobs

If you are self-employed and do not want to commit to any particular employer, you can actually work as a freelancer. How? Freelancing is one of the quick means of earning money online today. You can work for yourself as a freelancer and handle different jobs for individuals or businesses at the same time and earn cool money online. You can also works with different companies and connect with millions of customers across the world. All you need to do is to register with freelancing job websites.

If you’re in the creative and art industry, these websites offer opportunity for skilled graphic designers, websites developers, copywriters, photographers and others to showcase their talents, artworks and creative designs in order to make money by working for global clients who are in need of theirs services.

Good example of freelance job websites that you can register on and become engaged are flexJobs, SolidGigs, Fiver, Upwork, Indeed, Freelancer, and Guru. There are other ways like selling your products on Jumia or Konga. You can also make money online by writing guest posts or articles for news and industry niche websites or PR agencies in Nigeria on topics you know too well as a professional or even sell your books on okadabooks or Amazon.


#4. Start Online Training course

As a qualified teacher or experienced instructor in your field, teaching people what you know online is another way of boosting your income online. This method basically involves virtual tutorials; using your own website, other dedicated websites, tools or social media networks to connect and engage your interested audience, users or subscribers.

This is another way to monetize your intellectual skills and specific knowledge, and earn instant money as your reward. You can start by creating online learning platforms, providing leaning materials, hosting webinars, creating visual contents and training other people on how to be their best and do new things online. We can help you grow loyal followers and build your social networks, and brand websites.

Additionally, you can join Obliin Social Network, a social networking platform that connects users to the rest of the world via quality teachings and information sharing on instant messaging platforms. At Obliin, you earn extra monthly income by just becoming an admin on any Obliin WhatsApp Group of choice or other social networks like Viber, Telegram or Instagram.

All you have to do is to share valuable resources and useful information with members. If you want to join Obliin, please visit their website to learn how they work.


#5. Get Paid for Reading News Online

If you love to know what is currently happening in leadership, politics, sports, fashion, celebrity gossips and business in Nigeria or all over the world, then this opportunity would be good for you. You can get paid by just reading news on some local websites in Nigeria. The get paid for reading news initiative is the latest online money making opportunity in Nigeria that you should try. Some of such Nigerian websites that you can earn some money by reading news are NNU, and

According to the NNU website, with just a onetime payment of N1,600 you can earn up to N50, 000 Naira and above each month. That is, you make money through referral earnings, daily logins + Commenting and sharing their posts on Facebook and other social media networks. To join NNU community, you need to register by purchasing the NNU Income Program Pack, get your account approved and start earning right away. But you will need to be active for you to share on the month revenue payout.

This website has been popular on the “read news to get paid model” of making money online recently with more and more Nigerian fresh graduates, job seekers, house wives and others who wish to make additional income online. To leverage on the NNU website to generate a passive income for yourself from today. Please click the link below to register so I too can also make some money through your referrals.

>>     Click Here to Register.

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