Right Time to Switch Your Bulk SMS Provider

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Right Time to Switch Your Bulk SMS Provider

You may at times wonder when is the right time to switch your bulk SMS provider. Well, this is a difficult question to answer as this is not as simple as throwing a switch. To understand all about it you will first have to know how it can affect your business and then make the plans for a switch over.

Over the years, SMS (short message service) is saving businesses millions of dollars as a cheaper way of reach a large audience via mobile communication messages. It helps people and businesses to remind their clients about important appointments to make a deal. If such appointments are missed, this may cost the businesses money and resources.

According to studies, millions of dollars are missed every year due to such missed appointments for a business, event or hospital that failed to leverage the power of SMS. Therefore, with the ever decreasing budgets for businesses and the ever growing pressure to meet the information demands of the consumers, businesses now has to find a better and more effective way to get the desired returns from their business marketing investments.

The answer to this situation is opting for a more yielding bulk sms services. This is a better way to reach out to your customers and is also the wisest way to spend money effectively to meet with the sales needs of the customers. The simple reasons behind this are:

  • With the use of simple text reminders and offers, businesses can save and earn millions.
  • Apart from that such a move will be well appreciated by your customers as well.
  • They will like your approach to convey them the latest updates regarding your business activities when you send them a personalized text messages.
  • This is the kind of approach that will also separate your business from your closest competitors.

If you already built the customer base, bulk SMS services will help you to compose your business bulk text messages in the best possible way whether you want it as a reminder for scheduled appointments or for any other mobile marketing strategy for your business. This is also the easiest way to provide your customers with a great customer service.

All you have to do is find an SMS marketing company that is leading among all SMS providers in the industry with very robust SMS services that provide good support and have a very impressive track record of providing a satisfactory contact management and reliable service to your customers.

But when you do not get the results as expected, it is the right time to switch your bulk SMS provider and change for the best reasons.


How to Switch Your Bulk SMS Provider

As it is said earlier, changing your bulk SMS account is not as simple as throwing a switch. This is because there are significant amount of risks involved while you switch providers.

For instance, if the bulk SMS service is most crucial aspect for your business to establish customer communication that you cannot afford to fail, then taking on such a risk can prove to be too great to justify its benefits. This is because the new SMS supplier may be an unknown entity or quantity that may affect your
SMS marketing efforts.

As it is, there are also a few other costs and risks involved when you want to switch your bulk SMS provider. Assuming that you are using an SMS API, you will then need to get your technical department involved in this matter so that they can reconfigure the system so as to make it work perfectly well with the new supplier. This
will inevitably consume a lot of resource, money and time unnecessarily.

At times you may feel that there are a few good reasons not to change the status quo if you do not want  something seismic to deserve such an additional cost and hassle. However, if you are sure that such a change will provide a massive cost reduction and increase safety management resources, that thereby save your company thousands of dollars down the line, then you should change your bulk SMS provider.


Other Factors to Consider When Changing your Bulk SMS Provider

Until and unless you see that there is a huge price difference in the SMS solution which will typically not more than a few pennies each, you should abstain from making such a switch.

However, that is not the case as the price structure may vary significantly for different reasons such as:

  • Different price tariffs
  • Message bundles available and
  • The sliding scales.

Therefore, the savings that you can make should be the chief criterion for making such a switch.


Follow the Law Regarding Opt-out a Bulk SMS Provider

There has been some researches recently commissioned that underscores the significance of marketers to use an Unsubscribe option on their bulk SMS campaigns. This is because the consumers often feel that it is important for them to have an option to get off a list.

Apart from that, they feel that it is also a legal requirement for the companies to include such an opt-out feature. There are such specific rules that you should follow while incorporating an opt-out feature.

These rules are set by the department of telecommunications and must be followed by each company strictly. These rules are very clear and are laid specifically on the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

You can visit the frequently asked questions section to know more about these rules that states that:

  • As a marketer using bulk SMS services, you must give your consumers a greater opportunity and user experience by providing them with the opt-out feature for receiving marketing messages further each time.
  • The law also states that all companies must follow these rules so that they do not potentially alienating them from their customer.
  • You must also know that non-compliance to these laws will put you as well as your company on the wrong side of the law.


Wrapping up: Time to Switch Your Bulk SMS Provider

Going by the reports of several studies conducted by different firms such as MBlox, you will come to know that:

  • More than 61% of all respondents believe that it is highly important for a company to provide an
    opt-in and opt out options for receiving any promotional material from any company.
  • About 55% of the respondents felt that such promotions should come from a brand or a company that
    they have used before.

Therefore, when you want to switch your bulk SMS provider for any reason what so ever, make sure that the requirement is pretty straightforward and obvious.


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