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Top 20 Most Visited Nigerian Websites in 2017

With more and more Nigerians hanging out on the internet today, it is definitely important it to know where they are visiting and what they are looking for. This post is taking a look at the top 20 most visited Nigerian websites in 2017. It reveals a huge opportunity for digital marketers and online advertisers who are looking for the most visited websites in Nigeria to place their business or company adverts. Most of these sites have huge daily traffics or web visitors,...

7 Key Factors That Make an Exceptional Advertising Piece (Ad)

This article emphasis on the key factors that make an exceptional advertising piece. By using beautiful displays of artistic expression and by making the ads memorable and actionable. As the business owner or developer, having the freedom to create an advertising piece just the way that you want is a good idea. However, the winning trick is about finding a way to connect with the right Advertising Agency that can dilute what was originally conceived, analyze what the today's customers want,...

How Pay-Per-Click Advertising Can Promote Your Business

If you are a small business owner, a marketer or established firm with relevant offer ready to connect with online searchers who are actively looking for your kind of products and services to buy based on their search queries; then PPC marketing or Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a great way to promote your business online, build brand awareness, drive website traffic; generate targeted leads and increase your sales.   What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising? Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a simple, fast and cost...

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