How to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

How to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

How to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

In this article, we will discuss some important methods of content promotion that will take your business offers in front of the target customers. It consists tips on how to boost your content marketing efforts by building an audience, leveraging paid promotions, and syndication.

Creating quality content is not easy, and once you have done it, you enter into the most challenging phase of content marketing which it is time to distribute and promote the content. Most companies find content marketing tough especially when they fail in promoting the content already created. 

According to search engine optimization Toronto company, if you want to realize the full potential of content marketing, then you must promote your content across the right channels that will make them most visible. Even the most amazing content needs proper promotion to gain visibility.

As a writer, blogger or content marketing agency, right from the time you and your team latched on to the idea
of content creation as a tool to boost business popularity and attract real buyers, you need to think about the best methods of promoting your content online so that it is easy to discover. 

Below is our tips on how to boost your content marketing efforts through audience community building, paid promotions and syndication. If you are a new business or individual brand, the below measures will help to get your content out and reach the largest section of the audience. 


How to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts: 3 Pillar Strategies



‘It takes a community to do a business’. All your online marketing efforts are geared toward one goal – to get closest to the audience and build relationships. Therefore, audience research precedes all other sales activities. Unless you know ‘for whom’ you are launching a campaign, you will never be able to develop a suitable content strategy for communicating with your rightful clients.

Even before you start thinking about the content, you must know to whom it is meant for, so that you can create the content accordingly to develop relationships. To solidify this relationship, you can depend on the following audience building techniques. 


#1. Influencer marketing –

Influencers are industry experts and celebrities with the sizeable followers who have the experience in nurturing your kind of audiences. They are already in touch with the large audience you are trying to reach. So, by building relationships with influencers, you get easy access to a group of audience to take your brand closer to.

Using some tools like Followerwonk, can help you build a list of influencers in your niche. Look for influencers with high social authority with a good number of followers and preferably the number of followers should be more than the number of people they follow.


#2. Guest posting –

Besides uploading content on your website, you can take advantage of guest posting to gain more visibility by publishing your content on other people’s websites. With guest posting, you create content for another site and get ready access to an audience that is keen to accept your brand. 

Guest posting gives you the opportunity of building your authority and expanding your audience reach, however, you must ensure to post only high-quality content that covers a particular important topic and not just anything to draw attention or get cheap backlinks.

Moreover, you must choose the right and credible websites in your industry (or niche) for posting content. You can take some time to judge the quality of the sites and consider if you would like to share the link with many others influencers who matter to you. 


#3. Social media posting –

The quality content must reach the widest section of the audience, for which reason you must publish it on social media channels they are currently engaged in. Some of the popular social media platforms that often come to mind when thing of sharing your content on social media networks includes Facebook, YouTube,  Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

By posting your content on social media, you take a major step in building relationships. Again, have the preferred social media platform in mind when creating content so you create good information that has wide acceptability among your social media audience.



From display ads to paid social media advertising, and going ahead with content distribution networks – are all these platforms form part of paid promotions. Once you know and understands your audience very well, you can chalk out a PPC ad or pay per click campaign that includes all the techniques of content promotion.

Since they are all paid promotions, you must have a budget first for your paid advertising, this will help you choose the right channels you can tap into and get the best bang for your bucks. Below also are some paid promotion strategies you can try.


#1. Paid social media advertising –

Since the largest part of the audience today spend huge chunk of their time on social media, it will make good sense to promote your content on social media channels to maximize visibility.

From your advertising budget, make sure to allocate a decent sum for spending on social media advertisement on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

By choosing the channels that your audience prefers or frequents most.  You can customize your ads on these platforms to target any specific audience which can be a huge bonus. It means that you can decide which  audience receives your social media ads. 


#2. Paid search –

Paid search which many also call search engine marketing is the advertisements that appear at the top of the search engine result pages, usually in the form of text ads. The paid ads target a specific group of audience who have made up their minds about buying a product and are ready to spend by offering them a splendid opportunity to get the content or offer before them.

Paid searches are more effective in generating conversions because it encourages audiences to take some specific actions such as downloading a resource on your website, booking appointment, or signing up for some subscription.

Besides content promotion, paid search also helps you to get the most traffic to your business or ecommerce
website at the lowest price. 


#3. Display ads 

By using Google Display Network, which is an ad server, you can post display ads or banner ads across the
web.  Display ads are often good for retargeting visitors who have already visited your website who will now see your display advertisement at some other places (sites) while surfing the web.

To promote content with display ads, first, figure out your audience, set up a campaign to target that audience and finally create compelling ads at the lowest cost per click if possible.


#4. E-mail marketing

Content promotion through e-mail marketing allows new audience members to subscribe to your content and keep them connected so that they keep coming back to your website. This marketing strategy can boost your brand building process if used consistently as content promotion technique.

E-mail marketing is bespoke personalized tool to send direct messages or special offers to your lead. However, you need to first build your email list or email database using reliable tools like contact management system (CMS) before this promotional method can work out for business.

Also, you need a well-crafted email template that sends your monthly or weekly newsletter to people who have shown interest in your content so as to keep them on your side always.



If you can produce superior content that people would like so much that they come forward to publish it on their website, then you have hit the bull’s eye in on how to boost your content marketing efforts and content distribution strategies.

Web syndication is when a more authoritative site indicates your content and make your post available to other sites or individual subscribers. You can get quick access to a large following that introduces your brand to a wider audience and generates larger outreach.

Moreover, you can enjoy the share of the authority of the website that publishes the content, which is like a bonus. But, you must be careful to avoid issues of duplicate content that often arises with content syndication.

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